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Delivering Excellence in Occupational Health

Acorn Occupational Health Ltd is a SEQOHS Accredited occupational health provider, approved by RISQS to perform rail track medicals, approved by UKAS, validated for the NHS England Framework and a member of the Commercial Occupational Health Providers Association (COHPA). The SEQOHS Accreditation has been developed by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine and assists the client/customer to identify occupational health providers that supply safe, appropriate and effective quality services.  

Acorn Occupational Health has been recognised with the ‘Business of the Year Award 2022 & Excellence in Customer Service Award 2022’

The Acorn Occupational Health team is high-qualified and experienced in the world of occupational health. We believe that our key to success is our close-knit team and that this should be the same for every business. In order to have a happy and productive team, each member should be healthy, both physically and mentally.

This is where Acorn comes in.

Occupational Health covers a wide range of spectrums in professional healthcare and wellbeing. It is important in a wide range of businesses, from higher-risk industries such as construction, and rail, to lower-risk industries such as teaching and office work. Regardless of the level of risk in a business, most businesses would benefit from some level of occupational health.

We meet the needs of all disciplines of our customers in a way that compliments their business objectives while providing value for money. Acorn listens and customises our services accordingly.

The level and diversity of services that we offer vary. Ranging from conducting routine health screening, health surveillance, to single management referrals, and new start medicals. With the flexibility of offering some services on-site at your business, and some services at our own consulting rooms. We can take full responsibility for organising and running an occupational health department.

Our customers range from low-risk office-based businesses to high-risk construction businesses. At Acorn, we pride ourselves on building and maintaining excellent professional relationships with our customers. These relationships prove vital in working with us, to work towards great health within a business. We ensure that our objectives continue to mirror our customers and maintain the highest level of confidentiality. Read more about us

Acorn Services

Our dedicated team of experienced Occupational Health Nurses, Physicians, and Technicians provides a full range of occupational health services. Please see the list below to view more information about our specific services and

how we can help.

 Health and Wellbeing
We offer physical and mental health support. Looking at lifestyle and general wellbeing. Plus look at the impact of stress, and the importance of looking after the mental health of your employees. Find out more


Health Surveillance
We provide assessments to monitor the health of your employees, especially for those who are exposed to risks within the workplace, such as noise, and hazardous materials, and ensure they are protected whilst working. Find out more


PTS, Fit-for-Task & Safety Critical Medicals
Various industries require that workers have the relevant medical assessments before they can begin work. This applies to the rail, and construction sectors, as well as drivers, and those who work at heights. Find out more


 Health Screening
Assessments to understand an employee's health before they start a job or task. Therefore preventative measures can be put in place to mitigate ill health amongst employees. Find out more


 Management Referrals
Individual assessments to understand whether an employee can remain in, or return to, work safely. Whether this is due to physical or mental reasons. Find out more


 Workplace Training
Understanding the importance of correct manual handling can reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. Whilst understanding stress affects employees can help with managing this effectively. Find out more


Covid-19 Testing
Acorn is UKAS accredited and can help support your business with Covid-19 testing and the ongoing effects of the pandemic. From company-wide testing to working at home ergonomic assessments. Find out more


 Employee Assistance Programme
Support your workforce with an employee assistance programme (EAP). Find out more


 Acorn contracted support
A contract with Acorn Occupational Health brings with it a number of benefits. How can we tailor our service to you? Find out more




Acorn Occupational Health has a highly qualified close-knit team that is rich in experience. We meet the needs of all disciplines of customers in a way that compliments their business objectives while providing value for money. We listen and customise our service accordingly. 

See below our list of the most common industries that we work with and what we recommend. Every company is different so please always work in line with your own risk assessments and health and safety procedures. Find out more



Mobile Health Surveillance Units

Our mobile health surveillance units provide a flexible approach for delivering tailored health surveillance programmes directly to you. Meaning they are suitable for businesses varying in size. The mobile unit is ideal for SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) or for larger organisations, that have a number of sites, or remote operations. Find out more



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