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About Us


Joanne Carroll is the Director Of Creative Arts at Fuzzy Bridge Ltd. 

Her studio  m a i s o n  m a k e - d o , is currently based at HMP Holme House, Stockton on Tees, and specialises in providing unique creative wellbeing services to the Ministry of Justice & Government Sectors.  

Joanne has over 12 years of experience working in the Offender Learning Sector and over 23 years teaching experience overall.  She combines her teaching experience with her wealth of entrepreneurial skills through her latest Creative Arts contract at HMP Holme House and is proud to say that HMP Holme House is now a ‘Platinum Koestler Awards Establishment’ and the leading institution in the country for Koestler Arts, with the highest amount of awards (73)and entries (218) for Koestler Awards 2022. As an establishment, they have also exhibited 50 of our winning entries at The Southbank Centre, London, in a Koestler exhibition named ‘Freedom’, curated by Ai Weiwei in October 2022.

Joanne is a British artist born and bred in the North East of England and also creates her own music under the name of 'Keni Quade'. Her personal work spans vividly and expressively across art, design, and music territories.   Joanne’s incredibly creative intuition enables her to work seamlessly between her work as a Surface Designer, Artist, Musician and Mother.   

Joanne’s portfolio of work includes working on international projects including designing embroidered, printed, and knitted textiles for fashion and also sustainable lighting solutions (ecoPETlite). Joanne is also the proud owner of a Granted British Patent for permanently colouring plastic substrates.

Focussing intricately on the electronic music genre, Joanne constructs her work like a piece of textiles,  whilst crossing boundaries and reassembling the results like a patchwork quilt and uniquely passing on these skills to prisoners, as part of an extensive rehabilitation process at HMP Holme House. Joanne’s experimental work enables her to express orchestral elements that revisit her years at school playing the oboe.  She aims to pass on her creative vibe as an artist, to others through introducing them to the exciting world of Creative Arts.  For many, this is the beginning of something very special and the start of a new life, lived from a new perspective, with creativity and wellbeing being at the heart of these new beginnings. 

Our Studio Mission

At HMP Holme House, it is Joanne’s job to inspire and manage a strong team of subcontractors and learners through educating them in the art of creating unique art, design, and music to share with the local community.

It is Joanne’s aim to increase the confidence and wellbeing of the learners in her care, as part of this process.  Joanne and her team of creative subcontractors predominantly use art and music as an innovative communication vehicle which enables those involved to express themselves creatively and, in some cases, using methods they have never tried before. 

Their aim is to also make more links within the community and to prove that the skills taught within the  m a i s o n  m a k e - d o   studio can be utilised by the learners involved,  beyond their time served inside the prison environment.  Such skills include painting, drawing, printing, machine / hand embroidery/ punch embroidery, felt making, quilting, recycling, making electronic music, song writing and journaling. 

Our Inspiration

As a team, Joanne and her team of subcontractors are inspired by knowing that they can make a difference to the world we are living in and contribute in our own unique way, from behind steel bars.  Joanne’s design studio often  takes its inspiration from a 'make-do and mend' ethos.  As a team, they are equipped to recycle and upcycle everything from paper, PET plastic bottles to bottle tops and vinyl waste, through generally being very savvy and knowledgeable in what they do!  The team are heavily inspired by fashion, interiors, horticulture,  magazines, books, and galleries and follow current and future trends.  

Joanne and her team are excited at the potential of how they can give something back to the community, through making art and music that they can share with families and the wider community in many different ways.  

This site serves as  a decorative showcase for everything wonderful that happens inside the m a i s o n  m a k e - d o  studio.   It is also a visual reference for other creative things that Joanne and her team contribute to, both inside and sometimes outside of the prison environment.


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