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14 Ling Drive Gainsborough, Bracken Park, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 1GT

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About Us

Respect, Integrity & Lifelong Learning (RILL) are the 3 planks on which Rob Knowles, founder and owner of Cubet, has built his professional life.

From leadership and business development right on through to consultancy and change management, Cubet is here to help you do the same.

It all started when Rob was just 14 years old, working every Saturday at an early version of the DIY warehouses we see today. 

His role was to help customers, and he spent a lot of his time lifting heavy 5-litre paint tins into their trolley before loading them into their car. One time, a customer waited until their 25 tins of paint went through the tills before complaining: “How much!? I can buy these down the road for at least £1 a tin cheaper!”

Stunned into silence, Rob’s confusion was quickly apparent. Looking back, it was clear the customer was simply trying to get a discount.

Fortunately for 14-year-old Rob at the time, he was rescued by his manager who promptly responded to the customer by saying: “On you go then, madam. I’m sure every trader in this town knows the value of their products.”

When the customer left, he turned to Rob and smiled before explaining:

“It’s not always about the sale – if you value your products and can stand over them, there is no need to get into anything like what nearly just happened.”

This, like many other lessons Rob has learned in his professional and personal journey, are still applicable today…

Living Locally, Thinking Globally

Cubet is very proud to be based in Lincolnshire, with Rob, our MD, settling in the county having travelled far and wide across the world. As well as our love of the local community, we love coaching, consulting and training businesses all over the globe.

Giving Back To The Community

Rob Knowles is always looking for opportunities to give back to the local and national community as much as possible, volunteering for the Prince’s Trust among other voluntary and community work.

We Care About Your Future

The future of our planet is extremely important to Cubet.

From reducing his car mileage by 98% to owning solar panels, growing his own vegetables and rainwater harvesting, Rob strives to reduce his carbon footprint, and even before the Covid pandemic, he promoted and delivered the additional use of video conferencing.


Coaching Services

Mentoring, Consultancy & Training & Business Coaching Services…

Whether you’re looking to improve your leadership and management skills, evolve your business, develop your staff, or all three of those things and more, Cubet can offer a bespoke business coaching, consultancy, mentorship, training or change management plan to suit your every objective.

Leadership and Management: Coaching, Training and Developing Leaders

  • Team Leader Development Programmes
  • Leadership Training and Development
  • Management Training Courses
  • Coaching Leadership Behaviours.

Change Management: Understanding and delivering change in your business

  • Change Management Training & Consultancy
  • Change Management Processes
  • Change Management Models
  • What Is Change Management?

Personal Development: Design & Delivery of Individual Development Programmes

  • Assertiveness & Confidence Building
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Competence Development
  • How to Build Better Relationships
  • Decision Making and Communications.

Staff Training: Developing Your Team

  • Teambuilding and advanced communication.
  • Optimising your employees & tackling workplace silos.
  • Harnessing & encouraging creativity.
  • Understanding and optimising innovation.

Behavioural Change & Development

  • Understanding and Optimising Behaviours.
  • Providing effective improvement through people.
  • Building high-performance teams.
  • Influencing Skills.
  • Conflict management.

Mindset, Culture and Business

  • Stress management and ‘removing’ the noise of business.
  • Empowerment, resilience and motivation.
  • Mindsets and mindfulness.
  • Understanding and developing business culture.


We enjoy working with a range of clients, purchasers and partners, and are involved in a host of fantastic networks.

From the University of Lincoln to Siemens, councils and networking groups, explore Cubet’s wonderful clients below…


Strategic Partners:

Are you looking for any of the following?

A wide range of crucial services to businesses in the areas of risk management strategies, employment law and legal compliance.

A system that transforms performance through your people. Manage and optimise your training & development activities.

Help to claim back the tax relief you are due for your R&D activity.


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