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Government & Local Authority

Security Systems for Government and Local Authorities

STANLEY Security is the ideal partner for setting and maintaining high standards of security for local, regional and national government departments and bodies. From access control for council housing to critical messaging for NHS facilities and prisons, our ‘best fit’ solutions give our clients complete peace of mind.

We understand the budgetary pressures on local authorities, housing associations and government and work in partnership to create a service-based pack of security solutions that best fit your needs.



Security Systems for Healthcare

Never have the pressures on the healthcare sector been greater as it attempts to provide the highest standards of patient care whilst faced with budgetary constraints and performance targets.

With the increasing expectations of the public, who when faced with frustrating delays have contributed to the escalating levels of violence against staff, things can get very demanding. We have many years experience in supplying the healthcare sector, including hospitals, nursing homes, residential care and the mental health sector, delivering on-site communication and security products for improved patient care and enhanced staff protection.

"The on-going support from STANLEY Security as the hospital has evolved has ensured that we have always maximised the return from our investment"



Security for schools and the education sector

From primary schools to multi-campus universities, providing a safe, secure learning environment within the constraints of today’s budgets and regulations is a challenge for every education system. STANLEY offers integrated security solutions that help education facilities meet the challenge.

Nurseries, Schools and colleges have an important role in protecting both staff and pupils that is why it is crucial that the correct security measures are in place.


Ports & Airports

Security Systems for Ports and Airports

Overview of port and airport security systems

STANLEY works to meet seaport security and airport security systems needs at any level; from a single sub-system to provision and ongoing support of a full, integrated system.


Connected Assets

Technology disruption is changing industry……….building digitisation is at the forefront of this change.

  • We are seeing the convergence of physical security with IT.
  • We are seeing the convergence of onsite systems with cloud.
  • We are seeing demand for proactive solutions rather than reactive ones.

Connected Assets provides a single view of all assets in multiple locations in real time.

Connected Assets is a platform that can manage and provide actionable data. So if an assets fails or requires maintenance, the right engineer can be sent to the right location with the correct part every time.

This technology can help to drive building digitisation, creating significant time savings and with asset performance data that can be analysed to help reduce procurement costs and improve your bottom line.

Know at all times what assets you have, where they are located, and in what condition they are in. Connected Assets uses the IoT technology to create a digital building.

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