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Edifice Managed Access Limited

Head Office: 2 Eaton Gate, London, SW1W 9BJ

t: (0) 203 582 4178 e: w:

Edifice monetises space

That space belongs to commercial property owners and landlords

Edifice then generates new long-term revenues from outdoor media, indoor media, peak power and parcel lockers from space on their property

In addition Edifice can innovate with new advertising revenues from space on other special assets they control, such as advertising on commercial vehicle fleets or develop entirely new media formats

Edifice manages the whole lifecycle of the new revenue opportunities it creates on behalf of commercial property owners, thus providing a complete managed service that generates new found income with no costs


Edifice will review your portfolio and advise on the revenue potential for ...

Peak Power

The energy sector offers a fantastic opportunity to property owners with land that can accommodate a power storage and or generation facility.

The demand for additional Peak Power installations is increasing as the UK is facing an energy production shortfall. A combination of the closure of fossil fuel power stations, wind and solar not performing as expected and nuclear installations not coming online quick enough, has resulted in a significant energy gap on a national level.

Edifice works closely with the energy sector to identify these gaps across the National Grid infrastructure and with our collaborative expertise in site identification, planning and installation we can deliver a comprehensive and hassle free solution that will produce incremental revenue across your property portfolio

Out of Home Advertising

Commercially operated billboards including digital signage, usually on major roads in major cities

Parcel Lockers

Edifice auctions space in your car parks, forecourts or against unused walls to logistics companies who install parcel lockers that enable consumers to pick up the packages they order online 24 hours a day.

This also drives footfall to your sites so is particularly attractive to retailers, publicans and libraries.

Landlords, if you have a space on your property that you think might be suitable, please contact us and we can help you to monetise your property.

Special Assets

You may have non-building assets that can generate advertising revenue such as commercial vehicle fleets or Edifice can generate revenue from innovating with entirely new media formats.

Micro Data Centre Opportunity

  • MDC revenues enhance monetisation of estates

Demand Side

  • 4G and 5G requirements, Fog/ Edge Computing& Local Resilience
    • Wide array of providers need to address ultra-low latency 5G networks with processing at the edge
    • In addition to mobile operators, providers of services in the following sectors also makes it impractical, too slow and too costly to process at the centre; IoT; SaaS; Autonomous Vehicle and drone control
  • Large-scale demand
    • This market will grow fast with streaming providers, social media, data centre companies, cloud providers (including AWS), AV companies (including Uber and Waymo),  IOT and smart city players as well as MNO’s and towerco’s needing this capability


Demand for marginal sites

  • Some customers have retreated (like (MNO’s) from the site business whilst some hardly in at all
  • They need access to a neutral host like Edifice to supply large scale sites in urban areas

Electric Vehicle (EV) Offering

  • Rental agreement for both Battery Energy Storage System (1MW – 2MW and Rapid Charge Points (50KW – 150KW DC)
  • 10+ year term but can terminate after 5 years for development/ disposal for 2 years’ rent compensation
  • No operational impact during installation or operation
    • uses separate power so no impact to your site
    • EV chargers do not take up car spaces
    • independent 24/7 Helpline and call-out
  • Powerful CSR message and supporting central government with its renewables and EV targets





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