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About Us

Water Hygiene Services

Welcome to uRisk Water Hygiene, a nationwide water hygiene services company with over 25 years’ experience, based in Hertfordshire and just a short train journey from London. We specialise in helping a wide range of industries including LandlordsCare HomesGP Surgeriescommercial officeseducation, and much more. We have qualified engineers located throughout the UK so we can provide our services to customers regardless of location.

Customer safety and customer service is our number 1 priority; this is why we are both SafeContractor and Construction Online approved and work in accordance with HSE guidelines. We also only use UKAS accredited laboratories for water samples and analysis. Our business is health and safety which means that compliance is key to everything we do, giving you complete peace of mind when booking us.

All of our water hygiene engineers are experienced City & Guilds qualified, DBS checked and fully insured so you know you are working with a competent and reliable water hygiene company.

Water Treatment

uRisk is your one stop shop for water hygiene services & water treatment to ensure you remain fully HSE compliant and current with all your water safety responsibilities. From water chlorination and monitoring the quality of your water either onsite or remotely, to specific Legionella services such as an L8 Risk AssessmentLegionella TestingWater Tank Cleaning and Remedial Works. We are proud to service clients across the UK and are always happy to offer free advice on what water treatment services are most relevant and suitable for your site & situation.

Do I need Legionella control?

Legionella is a clever bacteria that can be found in any water system including systems with or without cold water storage tanks. There are many reasons why Legionella grows in a water system, these include: areas of little use allowing water to stagnate, temperatures between 20-50°C, nutrients such as debris, limescale, foreign bodies. Materials that encourage growth such as rusted steel, rubber, and lead. Non water regulations advisory scheme (WRAS) fittings that do not comply water regulation standards to name a few. This means that whether you have one or two hundred sinks, or you have mains water supply, a combi boiler and no tank, that you still need a legionella risk assessment as all water systems have the potential to breed harmful bacteria such as legionella, E.coli, coliforms and the like.

Our best advise is that control and prevention is better than the cure. Beat Legionella by controlling and preventing growth, avoiding expensive and unnecessary remedial works and disinfections. By undertaking a risk assessment, remediating the risks found, and undertaking your monitoring requirements set out by the HSE, in the HSG 274 part 2, you’ll help minimise the risk of exposure to Legionella and avoid expensive reactive works to remove Legionella by taking action before grows.

Legionella and Legionnaires’ disease

Legionella is a common bacterium found in natural environments including ponds, rivers and lakes. The bacteria can also be supplied in small counts within mains water supply. Where there is water and the conditions of creating water droplets (aerosol), people using or within the area of these services may be at risk.

Legionnaires’ disease is a form of pneumonia, which can be fatal. The most at risk are the very old and the very young, the ill and smokers to name a few. Legionella bacteria can also cause other, less harmful illness such as Pontiac fever and Lochgoilhead fever, which can affect all people.

The main route of infection is through inhalation, by inhaling airborne water droplets that contain Legionella. It cannot be spread from person to person. The majority of cases or outbreaks of the disease have been via domestic water services, evaporative cooling towers, and spa pools.

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Legionella Testing Kit

uRisk is proud to now offer a fantastic self testing kit available to buy for just £40 to test for Legionella bacteria yourself quickly and efficiently. The Legionella testing kit is an easy and inexpensive DIY kit to help you become legally compliant. Ordering a legionella testing kit means you can carry out the water sampling in your own time without the need of an engineer’s visit. Along with the testing kit we will send you full instructions on how to test correctly and all testing kit samples will be checked in UKAS accredited laboratories for the most accurate results possible. You will then receive your results as well as a certificate for your legionella control records.

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Your trusted provider for water quality in any industry

Below we have listed a few industries for you to view, but we offer services across all sectors.


Commercial offices

Care homes

Community centres


Coffee shops

Council & Government

Dental practices


Factories & warehouses

Farm & land

Garden centres

GP practices


Hair & beauty


Hotels, Hostels, B&B's


Religious centres

Residential & landlord

Restaurants & pubs

Retail outlets

Spa & leisure centres

Stadiums & venues

Transport & travel



Welfare facilities


Who do we partner and sub-contract for?

uRisk partners with a wide range of organisations to help support them to provide water hygiene services to their customers. Below is a list of examples of organisations that we partner with for our sub-contracting services.

Facilities management

Property management

Maintenance services

Technical & engineering

Medical services

Cleaning services

Health and safety

Water hygiene

Fire safety

Asbestos services

Electrical safety

And more






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