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Welcome to EarthSense Systems

EarthSense is a leading air quality specialist, providing services in air pollution monitoring, modelling and data through web services worldwide. Based in the UK, EarthSense deliver innovative solutions, enabling the world to visualise and manage its air quality issues. Our   customers   include   smart   city   planners,   environmental   and   occupational health officers, local authorities and systems integrators.

Our highly accurate, usable data and analytics help inform strategies and secure investments through environmental evidence to make a real difference to human health.

EarthSense offers a complete ambient air quality monitoring solution which enables its customers to measure a variety of criteria pollutants in near real-time & at high resolution through hardware and cutting-edge web platforms and API’s.



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Hardware:  Zephyr  Air Quality Monitor

A small-form, indicative ambient air quality monitor measuring harmful particulates and gases in real-time.

Data: MappAir® Global Air Quality API

Pollution model available on a global scale, right down to a street corner with multiple data inputs.


Software: MyAir® Air Quality App

A web app to analyse and download your air quality data. Also available as a mobile and public facing app.


Local authorities & Smart Citys

Local authorities and central governments play a big part in managing air pollution and our data is used in many ways to help them meet their air quality targets as set out by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the European Union. We work with the likes of urban and smart city planners, environmental and highways officers to provide real-time measured and modelled air pollution data to create and evidence pollution-lowering strategies. Our data is being used to create and implement car-free zones and cycle lanes, road closures at school gates, re-routing traffic from congested areas and informing large scale highways projects. Zephyr® sensors are GPS and Wi-Fi enabled


Compact and lightweight, portable sensor: Easily deployed when used as a static device for measuring and discreet on street infrastructure. Move sensors to different site locations to monitor pollution where needed.
Real-time data: Giving you an accurate insight into pollution concentrations throughout to enable immediate, well-informed decisions.
Measure multiple gases and particulates from one device: Configure cartridges to measure a mixture of gases (NO2 and O3),particulates (PM2.5, PM10), temperature and humidity.
Multiple Zephyr® sensor power options: Including solar panel power, hard-wire to a lighting/traffic light column or mains powered for internal use.
Integrate your data with existing systems: Integrate data into an existing system via an API. Zephyr® sensors are also compatible with the Yunex Traffic, formerly Siemens Mobility, Stratos traffic management system.
Integration with IoT systems & infrastructure development:  for smart and connected cities
Multi-year cost saving plans available: Including all servicing, cartridges, data access
Data Access in an intuitive, interactive web app - MyAir®: Access your data quickly and easily using MyAir®. View your mapped sensor locations, measured and modelled pollution dataand download your data and reports for analysis. 
MyAir® includes FREE MappAir® UK model: Giving even more context to your measured Zephyr® data
Minimal in-field interaction required: Easily deployed and monitored remotely by our in-house data scientists.
Scenario planning with MappAir®: Test scenarios to see the changing effects of pollution and adjust your strategies accordingly.
Source apportionment using MappAir®: Identify sources and impacts of air pollution including wood-burning stoves 


Transport & Intelligent Transport Systems

Our modelling and sensor technologies play a key role in managing air pollution in cities using intelligent transport systems. Measured Zephyr® data and modelled MappAir® data is being used to redirect traffic through cities, adjust timing on traffic lights and automatically switch vehicles to electric mode in heavily polluted city centres; creating smarter and cleaner towns and cities.  Read more


Construction & Engineering

We work with engineers, planners, consultancies and construction professionals to help build cleaner and smarter cities, buildings, roads and railways with less impact of air pollution on the health of workers and the local community. Real-time measured Zephyr® data and modelled MappAir® data is often used collectively to inform large scale construction and urban planning projects giving immediate insight into the impacts of air quality. This data allows users to react immediately; changing methods of work, ensuring compliance, securing green certification and validating measurements from mobile machinery assessments on site to create safe working environments. Read more




Following consistent 60% annual company growth over a number of years, EarthSense has been awarded the Innovation award by the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, the most prestigious awards for UK businesses. The award offers the company global recognition as an outstanding British brand.  EarthSense’s commercial success has been highlighted by our substantial organic company growth and market-leading innovations, which offer customers new tools to solve complex air quality challenges. 

Our experienced and passionate team strive to design and deliver the best technical solutions to help clients reach their clean air goals. Our support team ensure customer service and feedback are a priority within the company enabling us to provide reliable performance from our technology solutions.

Quality is at the heart of all we do as a company and this is evident through our ISO 9001 certification, the internationally recognised standard highlights our commitment to delivering quality across our business and our dedication to providing a high level of service to our large portfolio of government and commercial customers.

As a company committed to better understanding global air quality and improving the environment, our ISO 14001 Environmental Management accreditation demonstrates that our operations are carried out in a sustainable manner, which fit environmental requirements and outlines our commitment to carbon neutrality. The certification takes into consideration the efficiency of our operations in areas such as product development, manufacturing, waste management and distribution, so we’re practising what we preach! 









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