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Hoben International Limited (a subsidiary company of Goodwin PLC) market a range of products under the Soluform brand name. The Soluform range provides a simple, cost effective and environmentally acceptable range of prefilled concrete bagwork for hand placement in applications such as scour protection, void filling, underpinning, the formation of headwalls to culverts and bridges, or protection of riverbanks, walls and bridges and retaining walls. Soluform MSE bagwork consists of soil filled geotextile bags and shear keys between the rows of bagwork with the goal to establish planting on/in the bagwork, to increase biodiversity to the bagwork structure.  Our concrete bagwork products are prefilled with a 32N high strength structural dry concrete mix. We also supply the bagwork in a range of different liners suitable for different applications. In addition to the bags, we also supply ancillary steelwork, needed to strengthen the finished blockwork, or place lined bagwork underwater.

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Brand Overview

Hoben International Ltd market a range of products under the Soluform brand name. SoluForm’s range of prefilled concrete and soil filled bagwork is used for scour protection, void filling, underpinning, headwalls, riverbanks, retaining walls etc. Our concrete bagwork is designed for clean, safe placement and our MSE bagwork offers the ability for establishment and promotion of vegetation growth on and inside the bagwork. Website -

The products are supplied into the following sectors

  • Highway Infrastructure
  • Civil Engineering Solution
  • Hard & Soft Landscaping
  • Flood repair or protection

Their end uses / applications Include

  • Scour protection,
  • River bank void filling,  underpinning & stabilisation
  • Formation of headwalls to culverts and bridges,
  • Protection of riverbanks, walls and bridges.
  • Retaining walls, Bunds, Channels & Earthwork


Soil Filled MSE Bagwork (mechanically Stabilized earth)

  • Free draining geotextile bag
  • 650mm x 300mm x 120mm
  • Bag weight is 20kg
  • 50 bags per pallet 
  • 1 pallet covers approx. 0.8m3
  • High quality sand rich topsoil BS 3882:2015 compliant.
  • Shear keys between the rows of bagwork.
  • Needle punched non-woven polyester

Suitable planting solutions:
  • Pre-grown turf mats
  • Live stake planting
  • Covering with topsoil and seeding/seeded geotextiles on slopes
  • Covering with pre-vegetated wildflower mats. Some success with seeded fabric (Hytex) has also been achieved


Environments and Applications




Concrete bagwork Images & description


  • Supplied with a 32N dry-mix concrete within a biodegradable liner inside an outer biodegradable hessian bag ready to be placed directly into the watercourse.
  • For placement of dry-mix concrete below water when combined with steelwork rebar pins.
  • The liners biodegrade along with the hessian bags over time, leaving just the concrete block. No waste is placed into the watercourse.
  • Our starch based bagwork is manufactured from natural, renewable and sustainable resources.
  • Allows the placement of concrete in most cases without the requirement to dewater or divert the watercourse.
  • 50 bags (1.0T) per pallet (suitable for 0.69m3 of bagwork), 20kg per bag.
  • Clean and dust free product for placement of concrete in a watercourse.
  • Typical finished block dimensions 500 x 250 x 100mm.
  • Suitable for a range of uses including underpinning, scour protection, void filling, or the creation of below water parts to river walls or headwalls.

*UK Patent No GB2464669
*UK Patent Application No 1905855.1


  • Supplied with a 32N high-strength structural dry mix concrete.
  • Consists of an outer hessian bag and an inner water-soluble liner.
  • The water-soluble liner dissolves in 5-10 seconds upon the introduction of water.
  • For placement of concrete above water or away from watercourses, subject to regulatory approval.
  • Water-soluble lined bagwork can be pre-soaked prior to placement or soaked after placement.
  • 50 bags (1.0T) per pallet (suitable for 0.69m3 of bagwork), 20kg per bag.
  • Typical finished block dimensions 500 x 250 x 100mm.
  • Suitable for a range of uses and typically combined with SoluForm underwater bagwork, including retaining walls, river bank protection and headwalls.


Environments and Applications


Application Images






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