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C/o Torr Farm, Tideswell Moor, Nr Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 8JF

t: 01298 931030 e: w:

Welcome to Derbyshire Geotechnical Ltd

Derbyshire Geotechnical Ltd is one of the UK’s most experienced and dedicated Specialist Geotechnical Rope Access Operators, working at Heights whilst Striving for Excellence.

Based in the heart of the Peak District, we are a small and friendly company offering a wide range of Geotechnical Services within the Rope Access Industry.
We aim to provide a safe, reliable and professional service to all our clients in the UK and further afield. We are proud to say our clients include: AMCO-Giffen, Bam Nuttall, Breedon Aggregates, Hanson UK, Aggregate Industries, Keller Geotechnique, National Trust and TARMAC, amongst many others.
We offer a broad range of services, undertaken by fully qualified managers, supervisors, IRATA technicians and sub contractors. Services include de vegetation, large and difficult tree removal, rock anchoring, soil nailing, slope stabilization and installation of rockfall mesh and erosion matting, inspection and repair of previously installed rockfall protection, supporting and enabling geotechnical and ecological surveys and inspection etc.
This enables us to design and build tailormade projects to suit our client’s needs. For your peace of mind and security we hold all the relevant health, safety, environmental and quality accreditations.
The experience of our work force in the industry is second to none and we are proud of our commitment to them and our customers.



Rock Face Stabilisation

  • Rock scaling and re profiling 
  • Dentition work
  • Rock bolting and dowels
  • Rock anchoring
  • Installation of rockfall mesh
  • Sprayed concrete 

Slope Stabilisation

  • Soil nailing
  • Facing systems 
  • Slope drainage
  • Installation of erosion matting 

Facing Systems 

  • Encourage vegetation growth
  • Enhances stability of soil slopes through soil retention

 Inspection and Maintenance of Slope and Rockface Stabilization Installations  

  • Inspection works, and inspection reports; Repairs and maintenance work.

 Rock Fall Containment 

  • Catch fences
  • Rock fall netting and meshing

Structural Repairs

  • Concrete repairs
  • Brickwork and masonry repairs
  • Tie bars and ground anchors 
  • Retaining walls
  • Re-construction and renovation to stonework and stone arching (Heritage work) 


  • Removal of light vegetation and scrub from rock faces and structures 
  • Large and difficult tree removal and felling 
  • Removal and treatment of invasive species (e.g. Knot Weed and Himalayan Balsam etc.)
  • Herbicide treatment incl. eco plugging

Geotechnical Inspection & Ecological Surveys/Work Support

  • Supporting, assisting and enabling geotechnical engineers/geologists to access slopes and faces.
  • Supporting and assisting ecologists to access slopes and faces to undertake surveys, inspection and works









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