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Specialist Washing Company Limited t/as Wudumate
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About Us

WuduMate specialises in providing a complete range of washing appliances and accessories for the Muslim pre-prayer ablution ritual of wudu, together with complementary Asian sanitaryware. Their appliances enable the safe, hygienic, comfortable, and dignified performance of wudu by adults and children, and all can be configured with some level of accessibility for disabled users.

WuduMate was established as The Specialist Washing Company Limited in 2007 to provide the next generation of wudu facilities for ablution in prayer rooms and multi-faith rooms situated in public or corporate buildings, in homes and in mosques. Any municipal or commercial building which has Muslim employees or visitors, including universities, airports, sports stadia, schools, corporate offices, warehouses and distribution centres, hospitals, police stations etc..., is a suitable setting for WuduMate’s appliances. 

Based in the UK, not far from Heathrow Airport, the company has taken input from users around the world to arrive at excellent product functionality and quality. An expanding network of distributors across the world is assisting WuduMate in satisfying the global demand for their products.



WuduMate’s Product Range.   Muslim ablution facilities for public, commercial and private buildings.

Foot Baths

Toilets & Bidets



WuduMate offers a complete range of footbaths for the Muslim washing ritual of wudu including the WuduMate Classic, suitable for workplaces and public environments. A selection of Asian toilets includes a Turkish style bidet toilet with inbuilt nozzle, and squat and hybrid models. Accessories such as anti-slip matting, soap dispenser, bidet spray and Modular seat are available to complement the footbaths and toilets. A range of taps, specifically designed with each WuduMate model, to ensure comfort and to minimise splashing.

Wudu Foot Baths

Toilets & Bidets


Wudu Taps


Wudumate Brochures

WuduMate offers a range of unique, cost-effective appliances for safe, comfortable and dignified wudu in the home, workplace, mosque and when travelling.

Click to download our WuduMate Brochure or call us on +44 (0) 1784 748080 for more details.

Click to download Diversity Matters”, our guide to designing a multi-faith room.



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