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Environmental Defence Systems Ltd

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Welcome to Environmental Defence Systems Ltd

Environmental Defence Systems Ltd based in Yorkshire, England, was set up with one aim ... to make the world a safer place. Our three products - FloodSax, AvSax and BlastSax - are doing this every day. Simply click on the direct links to the websites for the 3 products to find out more about each one.


FloodSax alternative sandbags are one of the most flexible and value-for-money anti-flood devices on the market as they work both indoors and outside in very different ways.

FloodSax have a special gelling polymer inside them. In their dry state they resemble a large pillowcase which means their big, ultra-slim surface area is great at soaking up water from the hardest-to-reach places such as underneath kitchen sinks, boilers, radiators and refrigeration units and are used extensively in supermarkets and public buildings to soak up spills, leaks and internal floods which would otherwise be a health and safety hazard.

Yet immerse FloodSax fully in water and the gelling polymer inside absorbs and retains around 20 litres so it expands to become an instant sandbag weighing around 20kg but without any sand inside. The FloodSax is a uniformed shape so is easier than unwieldy old-style sandbags to carry and stack and will stay energised for months. Four packs of 5 vacuumed-packed FloodSax fit into one easy-to-carry box.



AvSax are specially designed lithium battery fire containment bags for overheating or burning electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops on airlines, submarines, railways or anywhere else with confined spaces. Lithium-ion batteries power all our personal electronic devices and an increasing number are catching fire, especially on passenger aircraft, which is why this potential danger is now part of the pre-flight safety message.

AvSax are on board almost 17,000 aircraft worldwide operated by more than 100 airline companies and have become the benchmark for lithium battery fire suppression bags. AvSax won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for its innovation, the highest and most prestigious accolade any business can achieve.



BlastSax are sandless sandbags engineered to mitigate the impact of small explosive devices and bullets. They can be taken to the scene by armed forces and specialist police squads and deployed far more quickly than conventional sandbags. Extensive tests prove them to be more effective than old-style sandbags in every way.






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