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CCS Limited

The Moat House
133 Parker Court
Newport Road
ST16 2EZ

Tel: 01785240680

Welcome to CCS

Message Master – An SMS solution to suit your needs

SMS has widely become an accepted and fast form of communication.  It is simple and provides and easy way to get vital information directly to the recipient in an unobtrusive manner.  Recipients enjoy the ease of SMS and studies show they are many times more likely to read and reply than with any other communication media.

For corporate or government bodies, the most important element to SMS messaging is for it to be cost effective and to have an interface which matches your specific requirements and this is where CCS excels.  Not only can we provide UK messaging at a fraction of the price of our competitors (sub 1.5 pence per message), but we also have an existing platform with a plethora of services, which can be tailored or amended to suit your organisation.  In addition to any of the existing features, CCS’s in-house developers can quickly modify and write new applications to suit your needs.

Our existing SMS platform has many benefits, some of which are listed below 

•    Unlimited message library
•    Inbound SMS to your email account
•    Two-way SMS to e-mail to SMS.  This allows chat from an email user to SMS recipient
•    Automatic loading.  You stipulate a file location and message Master will load it automatically at a predetermined time
•    Manual upload of data can be done at anytime
•    Single SMS with free type option
•    Multiple user authority levels
•    Custom operation times.  You decide restrictions for when messages can be sent
•    Automatic pacing.  Option to spread outbound message flow over your working day
•    Campaign management.  Set specific restrictions on a set of messages.  For example, only send between 3pm – 4pm
•    Priority SMS.  This changes the category of a standard SMS so that it immediately populates the home screen of any smart phone.  This could prove useful for the police or for emergency service announcements.

About Us

CCS was formed in 2003 and has extensive experience in all forms of mobile communications.  We currently supply a number of large corporate businesses and call centers with SMS services and are experienced in developing bespoke applications for clients.

All employees have a background in the telecommunication industry and have expert knowledge for the integration of these solutions within a wide variety of industry sectors.

We provide a consultative approach to our clients and we tailor our solutions to meet their exacting needs. we offer end to end project management, ensuring the customer has a single point of contact and that CCS are entirely accountable for the project performance and delivery.

Ultimately, we understand the desires of our clients who need a long-term supplier to offer quality, value, performance and service and to undertake business in a responsible and professional manner.



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