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Welcome to Enquire

Enquire is an inbound enquiry management system. Enquire is different from most CRM systems which are designed to manage outbound sales and marketing interactions. Our enquiry management system is all about managing inbound enquiries,  helping you to keep track of them, follow-up and never missing a deadline.

Enrich the customer experience with our enquiry management software: Enquire makes it easy for enquirers to submit their enquiries directly to the enquiry team via emails  or your intranet and website. Enquirers can then follow the progress of their enquiries or search a knowledge base of FAQs. You can set up auto-replies and/or reply templates for a consistent response to new and in progress enquiries. The Enquire dashboard ensures you never miss a deadline and helps you meet Service Level Agreements or targets to follow-up enquiries in a timely fashion.

Increase Team Efficiency with our enquiry management system: Enquire provides your staff with an easy tool to record all enquiry work in one place  – no more hunting through inboxes! Enquiry staff can focus on the enquiries assigned to or claimed by them. Team leaders can monitor workflows and re-assign enquiries in the pipeline if enquiry staff are suddenly off-sick, unavailable or overloaded with other enquiries. Enquire improves the productivity and knowledge of your team with a searchable knowledge base of solutions or sources for past enquiries.

Better Management Information: Unlike a group email account, Enquire has quick, easy, accurate on-demand access to meaningful qualitative management information. There’s no need to enter data in spreadsheets, Enquire automatically produces statistical information to demonstrate the productivity of your team and your customer satisfaction record to higher management. Management insights inform how you can improve your service, spot training gaps, manage staff performance and more. Our enquiry management system is the software product of choice for businesses, universities and colleges, legal and professional firms, government departments, charities, institutes and associations around the world. Enquire is suitable for libraries, press offices, customer services, public enquiry points, freedom of information teams – in fact anywhere where you handle inbound enquiries on a regular basis.


Better user experience

With our enquiry management system, it’s all about an improved experience for your users

  • Publish FAQs – service users can help themselves to answers any time – night or day
  • Ask and search feature
  • Automated responses reassure users that their enquiry has been received
  • Rating – measure customer satisfaction

Our enquiry management software makes it easy to capture enquiries in any form. Don’t force your users to change their behaviour! There’s no logging in to ticketing systems.

  • Enquire intercept emails – users can simply send an email to your group email address
  • Online enquiry forms – users can complete an online form to send a request to the enquiry desk.
  • Web forms ensure you get all the information you need when the enquiry is first submitted
  • Easy telephone enquiries prompting your handlers with the right questions
  • Record enquiries at the desk
  • Use quick counters to capture those quick interactions
  • Tablet friendly for when you are out and about
  • Create enquiries from social media tweets & posts

Our enquiry management system helps your enquiry handlers to process enquiries from start to finish

  • Email and online enquiries are created straight into your system – no cutting and pasting!
  • Send emails from the system so all correspondence is in one place
  • Attachments are send and stored in the system too
  • Automatic deadlines or service targets
  • Assign – ownership is clear
  • Automated warnings – never miss a deadline
  • Search answers – share knowledge and see how similar enquiries were answered
  • Stopwatch – for accurate time recording
  • Full work log to record all stages of research undertaken
  • Shared knowledge – searching for similar enquiries helps ensure you re-invent the wheel

Our enquiry management system improves productivity and consistency of enquiry processing

  • Allocate workload according to location, specialism and availability
  • Monitor the queue
  • User details picked up from your central database – no need to enter them every time
  • New users can create their own account
  • Auto-replies and message templates – save time by using automated replies on receipt of enquiries and message templates for standard responses
  • Set up default deadlines to ensure you meet performance targets.
  • Sort enquiries by deadline and priority to make sure you don’t miss deadlines.
  • Enquiry handlers don’t have to stop to enter enquiries into a separate spreadsheet or database – everything happens in your single enquiry tracking application.

Improving management information and insights. Statistics and management insights without extra effort

Integrate your enquiry tracking software with Windows Directory or user registry so demographic and contact details are automatically picked up on every enquiry – makes collecting enquiry statistics automatic and consistent.

  • No matter how they are created the submission time is automatically recorded.
  • Completion time is automatically recorded.
  • Produce a detailed report of the enquiry.
  • Statistics to help you improve your service and prove your value to higher management.
  • Aggregated financial data can be imported into other finance systems without re-keying.
  • Pre-configured management reports – time broken down by staff, type of enquiries, cost sub-totaled by budget codes, analyse resources used, etc.

Multi-team and international capacity for 24.7 service

  • Multiple team functionality – each enquiry team can have their own web forms, inbox, queues, work flows, responses and charging rates, etc.
  • Multi-timezone – automatically renders time in the users local time.
  • Multi-currency – automatically converts to local currency value
  • Multi-office – while one office sleeps another office is working allowing you to offer a 24/7 service


Hosting your enquiry management system

Bailey Solutions can host your Enquire software for you so you can get up and running quickly without any fuss – all you need is a browser and an email address to which you what enquiries sent. No need for IT staff time or resources. Installation of your enquiry management system. One of our application engineers will carry out your initial installation remotely. We will need to liaise with a member of your IT staff whilst doing this. The initial remote-assisted installation is included in your annual subscription price.

Data Migration

Bailey Solutions can help you with database migration or retrospective conversion from legacy databases, other enquiry management systems as well as structured formats such as Excel spreadsheets. This can save you many hours re-keying data and gets you up and running fast.

We aim to minimise work disruption

  • You send a sample file or files of your data.
  • We respond with a feasibility report and data mapping, showing where each item will be in your new system.
  • We send you a maximum price quote with no obligation.
  • Immediately prior to the agreed delivery date you send us your data and we run your individual data migration program.
  • We deliver data ready for import into your installed system.
  • After training, you are up and running with your new enquiry system and your own data.


Get off to a good start with our customised training.

To get you off to a good start we recommend that you purchase training days. Training takes place on your premises and the program is tailored to your requirements. You may need to provide a suitable training environment, as it is a good idea to be away from your usual desk and work distractions. Prior to your installation of your enquiry management system we will contact you with regard to your training requirements.

Enquiry Management System Consultancy

Enquire is a very flexible enquiry management system with many options and configurable features. We are here to help you configure your software. We recommend that you purchase a consultancy day for each enquiry team using your enquiry management system so each team can set-up their own team leader, roles, enquiry forms, template responses, views and reports. Consultancy can take place on your premises or can be conducted with online meetings and the consultancy programme is always tailored to your requirements.

Support of your enquiry management software

Did you know we have a 99% client retention rate? Our clients rarely leave us for enquiry management software from another supplier. We believe it’s because we work hard to look after you with our unique enquiry tracking software support service:

  • Telephone and email support
  • LinkedIn user group
  • Online webinars
  • Patches for errors
  • Free upgrades including cumulative patches + new functions and enhancements
  • Developing versions for new platforms, e.g. SQL Server, Windows, Windows Server

Technical Services

In practice we find most situations to be handled with Distance Support, but if you do need on-site support or services outside your contract, you can purchase extra service days.


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