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We’re Ogi

Ogi’s a full fibre and IT managed services company headquartered here in Wales.


We’re on a mission to help transform south Wales’ digital landscape, powering-up opportunity for communities from east to west. For work, life and play.

For Business

Welcome to Ogi Pro
Never have digital skills and technical know-how been more important to business, or society: menus are QR codes; cyber-threats loom large; and there’s an app for everything…

Here at Ogi, we’re on a mission to power-up the online life of the business community around us. We’re building a better network and sharpening our skills to give business partners not just the broadband, but all the other tools they need to compete and grow in a digital world.

Begone dusty filing cabinets (real or desktop-based) and let’s get really digital with Ogi Pro.

Real fibre to supercharge your business performance

Outdated copper cables used to service modern internet demands aren’t fit for purpose – they have a direct impact on business efficiency, too. Ogi’s here to change all that, with a full fibre network right to your farm/shop/factory/warehouse (delete as appropriate.) Find out how full fibre to your door can supercharge your business performance.  Find out more

Our Ogi Pro Managed Services

Your connection really is just the start of your technical and digital journey with Ogi to anywhere you want to go as a company. We offer IT support too, including:

Ogi Pro Firewall
Cyber-attacks are everywhere, so protect your people, and your peace of mind, with a Firewall security service, backed-up by the support of a local team.

Ogi Pro Wifi
Bring broadband to every corner of your business, enabling staff to work smarter, and guests to search, scroll and click better.

Ogi Pro Voice
In a world of video meetings, sometimes it’s nice to talk. Add internet-based calling to your package and bring all your connectivity systems into to the 21C.


Infrastructure for growth

The current broadband network in the UK just isn’t up to what it needs to be if we want to recover; if we want to drive future productivity; and if we want to get greener by enabling more flexible working. Ogi is here to change all that, one community at a time. Not only does better broadband power-up the potential of every single shop, café, workshop, factory that receives it… together we can power-up whole communities: bringing opportunity to us, from anywhere in the world.


Business Connectivity

Forget the small talk and canapés. Here at Ogi we’re into a very different kind of networking.

Let’s connect

Tomorrow’s world is here: whether it’s as simple as giving customers a dash of free wifi with their cuppa or as complex as powering-up a digitally-operated machine on the factory-floor.

If you run a business, small or large, in one of Ogi’s networked communities, we can offer you full fibre broadband, or a dedicated line on our network, that’s just for you, to give you the bandwidth you need to grow. Find out more


Managed Services

Our managed services are a great addition to our Ogi Pro connectivity plans.

Ogi Pro Firewall

We all appreciate a good night’s sleep, and with Ogi Pro Firewall we can help give you that peace of mind. Firewalls are the first line of defence between malicious individuals and your sensitive information, so it makes sense to trust the specification, installation and ongoing management to an expert. Particularly when you can consume it for a predictable fee, with a Business Service Desk on hand to help out. 

Ogi Pro Wifi

What good is ultrafast connectivity unless you can spread the love?

Let Ogi build and manage the highest performance, most effortless and secure wifi experience for your staff and customers; so that everyone can get online – whether they’re browsing for an e-bargain over a cuppa in your café, or sorting the stocktake in the warehouse.  Find out more


Real Fibre For Business

Ogi is able to provide businesses across south Wales with an internet service, but our main focus is on building our own fibre optic network in underserved communities from Pembrokeshire to Monmouthshire.

In these areas, we’re bringing an Ogi full fibre connection right to you.

This has the potential to transform your business; as well as your local economy: and, customer by customer, the wider Welsh economy too, we hope.

The full fibre difference

Across Wales, fibre optic cables have made their way to most local cabinets, but many of us are still relying on copper cables to manage our modern internet demands. That includes all kinds of businesses in many pockets of our big cities, our market towns, and valleys communities.

We’re here to change all that.

Ogi’s on a mission to play our part in bringing full fibre to more of these areas, more quickly that you’d otherwise get it. We’re bringing ultrafast connectivity direct to your front door, roller-door or revolving door.

So if you’re in one of Ogi’s networked areas, pre-register now. Find out more


Ogi for For Business

As part of the local business community, we want to be your partner as well as your service provider. That’s why we see your broadband connection as just the start of the relationship, and can offer you so much additional IT support too, to enable you to grow online.

Our real mission

We’re one of a small number of internet companies in Wales that’s actually building our own full fibre network. Full fibre is considered to be a vital infrastructure of the future: it will mean individual businesses can compete, wherever they are based; and help whole communities recover in smarter ways than before.

Building a full fibre network is hard work, so we’re digging deep: this is a project that will take time, and will make a lasting difference.

Once it’s built, we will be able to provide fibre optic connectivity to local businesses – small and large.

If you’re not in an Ogi area, don’t worry: we offer businesses across the patch the chance to sign-up for an Ogi service over alternative networks too. Find out more


Our Backstory

We’re not new to this, we used to be Spectrum Internet and Net Support UK, but we’ve moved beyond just providing a regular mainstream internet service and basic managed IT support.

We know Wales. We’re super proud to be Welsh (hold the stereotypes and tropes, though) and we’re excited to be ushering in a new digital era with back up from private investors and support from the government. When businesses are enabled to perform better, we create more opportunity and connection for everyone.

Ogi’s about capturing that feel-good energy we generate when we come together. It’s the same contagious, smile-inducing spirit that’s generated at concerts, match days and meet ups with your mates. It’s a rallying call for connection, interaction and celebration.  Real, connected working, living and playing.

Beyond broadband

Sometimes you need that extra sparkle. As well as great connectivity, Ogi can also offer our business partners a range of IT support services to bolt-on to your broadband or direct line connection from us. Speak to our team today about our suite of custom services to help you grow your business. From tailored, watertight security systems to voice technology and cutting-edge cloud-based systems. We’re ready when you are. Speak To Our Business Development Team Now


The bottom line
Full fibre is everyone’s business. Here’s why.

It’s the sustainable option
Fibre optic technology is here to stay: when the time comes – and it will – to increase your Ogi speed by 10, or even x100, we can.

It’s better for our world
With an ultrafast digital superhighway to your door, there’s no need to jump in the car – you can meet-up with anyone, anywhere on the planet, at the click of a button.

It’s good for our economy
Ogi is bringing full fibre to areas that aren’t at the top of anyone else’s lists. Helping to bring prosperity to more places.


About us

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