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PureFibre – Internet for Business.

Who are we?

We are the Gigabit Fibre Internet Champion for the Midlands

As City Champions for CityFibre, which is investing more than £4bn to create over 60 Gigabit Cities across the UK, we are igniting the digital revolution for the Midlands – one of the most industrious regions of the UK. From faster businesses to more capable schools and hospitals, Gigabit is an ultrafast upgrade for the way you work, play, and live in the Midlands.

Our founding team is from the Midlands. While the region has developed immensely over the past two decades, its cities and towns have been denied fast internet speed because the cabling hasn’t existed. Our research has identified more than 40,000 businesses are currently getting inadequate internet speeds.

We are putting an end to the Midlands being underserved by internet speed.

We want to connect the Midlands with Game-Changing technology so it can lead the way in UK digital business and be a region of smart cities and towns.

The CityFibre network changes that – as does the technology behind it that allows our customers to get PureFibre ultrafast internet at incredible prices with superb flexibility.

That means we can guarantee minimum speeds and fast fix times. We can give you the flexibility to burst up to bigger speeds when you need to.

What drives our commitment to service?

We love to enable people to do more, connect with others and grow faster. Entrepreneurial stories feed our dedication to service. We’ve delivered PureFibre for councils, schools, care homes, charities and hospitals – and of course businesses. By doing so, we’ve helped them to transform their capacity to connect with people and operate faster.

Our Core Values

Enabling the next generation of business in the Midlands by connecting people with the best technology

Delivering excellent service – Customers come first and we’ll bend over backwards to help them

Building community – The Midlands is one of the UK’s most industrious regions full of opportunity and ready to connect


PureFibre Difference

Gigabit is of course – faster than Megabit speeds. But what you need to be looking at is the quality of connection as well as the speed. And you want both to be guaranteed. PureFibre gives you this at lower prices than you imagine.

PRODUCTIVITY: On average, each employee lose 44 minutes every week due to poor broadband speeds and connectivity – That doesn’t sound like a lot but, if you have 10 employees that are all losing 44 minutes every week, that’s over 7 hours of lost productivity. You’re losing a day’s worth of productivity every week!

RELIABILITY: Check your contract for your guaranteed fix times. You’ll often see phrases like 48 working hours. That’s actually more than a week’s wait.

SPEED: PureFibre is directly connected to your property with no obstacles. It’s very, very fast and reliable. Our PureFibre network (CityFibre’s UK network) is a brand new, state-of-art fibre network – designed with the utmost resilience and reliability support.

BEAT THE RACE FOR BANDWIDTH: You also need to consider how many others are likely to be using a network that is bundled cheaply. Probably lots – which gives you what’s called contention. Our dedicated products are designed to be used by you – not you and your street.

QUALITY: You’ve probably seen some well-known household brands selling ‘fibre broadband’ at low prices. That’s because they’re really selling hybrid-fibre – a watered down version of what fibre is really supposed to be. Hybrid fibre uses copper wires to deliver the last part of a connection to the property – and copper slows the speed of your fibre lines.

UPGRADE FLEXIBILITY: All of our products are delivered on the same Ultrafast, Ultra-reliable, PureFibre network with easy upgrade paths to the next level of service, so your investment is future-proofed.



All of our products are delivered on the same Ultrafast, Ultra-reliable, PureFibre network with easy upgrade paths to the next level of service, so your investment is future-proofed


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Providing the NHS with first class internet connectivity

We understand that hospitals are costly, complex and extremely challenging everyday operations. That’s why Gigabit Networks provide ultra-fast and ultra-reliable internet access with 100% SLA and a dedicated bandwidth.


Without a reliable and efficient healthcare Internet connection, patient happiness can be jeopardised and staff productivity is damaged with key workers unable to access their high-level research and secure communications.

Gigabit Networks are tackling the ever-evolving problems that face the healthcare industry’s digital revolution. As a CityFibre City Champion, we allow hospitals and clinics to worry about what really matters whilst we give you the tools and capabilities through reliable healthcare internet to make a difference to people’s lives. 

Our GigaPure Ethernet Direct product provides fast and reliable healthcare internet connection, all the way from your device to the heart of the internet. And since our Ultrafast, Ultra-reliable, PureFibre network offers speeds of up to 10Gbps, your connection is capable of expanding with your business so your investment is always future-proofed.

Gigabit Network’s services offer an affordable, peace of mind solution with a 5 hour guaranteed fix policy. Because just like you, we also work 24/7. We combine a dedicated bandwidth to perfectly suit your unique requirements with a 100% SLA. If you’re a hospital with multiple sites you may have many questions regarding Private Networks and Cloud Providers, why not fill out this form to find out more information on how we can help you today?

  • GIGABIT SPEEDS: Easily use bandwidth hungry cloud-based applications
  • SYMMETRICAL BANDWIDTH: Same speed up and down
  • UNLIMITED DATA USAGE: No usage restrictions
  • PICK THE PACKAGE TO SUIT YOU: Affordable services for businesses of all sizes
  • ALWAYS ON HAND: 24/7/365 technical support
  • KEEPING YOU CONNECTED: Guaranteed fix times


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