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Take Note Ltd

Three Tuns House
109 Borough High Street

Tel: 0207 928 1048

Transcription Services – Take Note

Welcome to Take Note! Where taking notes is precisely what we do. It’s all in the name.

Since we emerged onto the scene back in 2006, preferring to transcribe directly onto our laptops and tossing those A4 pads of paper and pens back into the stationery cupboard, the demand for our style of transcription services has blossomed. So impressed were you by the amount of detail we could capture, word spread and we’ve been typing away at top speeds ever since.

Audio Transcription and More…

Be it recorded audio that you would like transcribed, sent to us (via our portal, internet, courier or post), or, have a notetaker present at a meeting to take notes whilst you focus on your job in hand you’ve come to the right place for help. We’ve been developing our notetaking and transcription portfolio since day one and, over the next few pages on our website we are confident you will find a style of transcription service that will suit your needs. If not, just pick up the phone and we can tailor something for you.

Take Note’s first love was market research transcription and note taking. And to give first love relationships the prestige they deserve, market research was the best foundation we could have ever hoped for. Typing at focus groups was, and still is, one of the most fast paced environments you can find yourself in. Keeping a cool head in multi-speaker groups with respondents chattering away at the speed of light geared us up to be ready for almost any situation.

It prepared us for our moves into other markets in ways more useful than we ever could have hoped for.

This is not just typing. This is intelligent typing. We call it transcription.

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