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Compliance and Risk Consultancy (CRC)- The Compliance Experts Limited

Suite 1918
Portland House
Bressenden Place

Telephone: 020 82826 224

Welcome to Compliance and Risk Consultancy, the Compliance Experts

Compliance and Risk Consultancy (CRC) are the Compliance Experts, a one-stop shop compliance and risk management consultancy based in Central London. Our team of experts in governance, law, compliance and risk can help you improve and maintain compliance with all your regulatory, statutory and contractual obligations and improve your customer experience. 

We can provide all the tools and legal competence necessary to assess and monitor your compliance and to manage risk. All under one roof. 

Our team together has over 75 years of experience of designing, implementing and managing comprehensive compliance strategies in a range of fields, from rail franchises to renewable energy. 

A Bespoke Service

We provide a bespoke service to all clients, combining products and services to meet your needs, from a range including: 

  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Selection, implementation and supervision of Quality Management Systems
  • Compliance auditing
  • Design of compliance surveillance and reporting systems 
  • Bespoke training
  • Customer research programmes

Our Experience

We have worked successfully across a range of sectors from the surveillance of codes of practice in energy efficiency, health care services, the monitoring of marketing and advertising codes, internal and external compliance verifi cations, to the management of complex rail franchise agreements and auditing of companies from various industries. Our experts have worked in businesses across the public and private sector including government, environmental consultancies, transport companies, Which? major charities, UNICEF, the NHS and utilities. Our team is spread geographically across the UK from the north of Scotland to the South West of England, with a Head Office in London.

Delivering results, the bottom line and customer satisfaction are at the core of your business, and so we, at ‘Compliance Experts’ make them the focus of ours. We provide you with a structured methodology for thinking about compliance and risk; building customer satisfaction and improved performance into the compliance process.

We work with you to:

  • Develop and implement a compliance strategy tailored to your specifi c business models and needs.
  • Provide the necessary tools and legal competence to assess and monitor compliance and manage risk, including training and supervision.

Your Business: 

How are we able to do this for your business, which is unique and complicated and has very specifi c compliance needs?

1. A unique perspective: All businesses and organisations want their goods and services to be prized and recommended. We approach compliance from a unique perspective; as a tool that will enhance your customers’ satisfaction.
2. Integrity: The members of our team have been chosen because (besides having expertise in a range of sectors, being highly qualified risk managers, experienced compliance auditors,consumer protection and research experts, mystery shoppers,spot checkers,and due diligence experts) They do not assume they know your business better than you do.  We work with you to develop compliance as a core competence that helps you deliver better results.

Why Choose Us? 

We provide a one-stop shop for all your compliance needs. Our team includes qualified risk managers, experienced compliance auditors and experts on consumer research and due diligence techniques.

We have worked successfully across a range of sectors from the surveillance of codes of practice in energy efficiency to the management of complex rail franchise agreements, from auditing compliance to monitoring marketing and advertising.  

We pride ourselves on being able to offer you a bespoke service: 

  • For every project, we can bring together the best people to meet your needs, whether that’s a single specialist to advise on a specific question or a multi-disciplinary task force to refine or redesign your compliance management. 
  • As well as our highly experienced in-house team, we have a pool of associates on hand to help with specialist advice when required. 
  • We are independent with no vested interest in persuading you to buy any particular QMS or compliance software, so you know we will give you objective advice on any necessary purchases. 
  • We can develop bespoke tools if that’s a better option. 

Our dedicated Service Delivery Director will work with you from day one to ensure you get exactly what you need for your business to achieve and maintain compliance.  

Our Services 

At The Compliance Experts, we aim to help you turn a regulatory burden into a competitive advantage. We can:

  • identify, analyse, review, monitor, mitigate and report on risk across the organization
  • improve business performance by reviewing, consolidating and re-designing roles and responsibilities to achieve business objectives
  • determine customer satisfaction levels and establish work streams to redefine strategies and tactics for enhancing customer satisfaction
  • re-examine how to efficiently convert resources (inputs) into higher productivity (outputs) thus increasing profitabilit

Products and services we offer include:

  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Identifying and piloting compliance tools
  • Compliance auditing 
  • Implementing and overseeing Quality Management Systems
  • Designing, implementing and supervising Improvement Plans 
  • Market surveillance and reporting
  • Bespoke training
  • Mystery shopping
  • Customer satisfaction research
  • Advising on complaints handling and dispute resolution


Based on results of recent unstructured market research carried by our specialists, we have identified the main target customers and focused on enterprises from the following industries:

  • Public transportation (rail and bus industries)
  • Finance (banking and insurance services)
  • Healthcare sector
  • Renewable energy and the environment
  • Trading, retail and wholesale including derivatives
  • Domiciliary care

We will also explore offering our strong and versatile products to existing large and emerging market segments that are fast growing and where business risks are very high, such as in the relatively young renewable energy industry.  

Seeing that this particular area has a host of regulations with which participants must comply in order for their customers to qualify for government incentives, many business organisations are not fully up-to-speed with those regulations, leaving both the service provider and the consumer at high risk. It is in these cases that Compliance Experts are readily available to assist in alleviating these risks in a cost-effective way.

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