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Certas Energy

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National network, local delivery

Total fuel management solutions with reliable bulk fuel and lubricants supply


We are the UK’s largest independent supplier of fuel and lubricants, operating a national network that delivers a competitive, responsive local service ensuring that your business never runs out of fuel.

Making our expertise and outstanding service count for our customers, our 2,500 employees work as one team of fuel and lubricants specialists - experts in the supply of;


  • Bulk Fuels

  • Specialist Fuels

  • Lubricants

  • Additives

  • Innovative Fuel Management Solutions


We create partnerships that start by really understanding your fuel needs and priorities. Taking a collaborative approach, we listen carefully to fully appreciate your business challenges and, where appropriate, suggest fuel products and services to help you achieve your operational and commercial goals.

Our robust infrastructure assures nationwide, reliable supply. We operate in excess of; 

  • 130 depots

  • 1,000 tankers

  •  2,500 employees                                      

  • Delivery of 6 billion litres of high quality fuel and lubricants through the UK each year 

Consistently competitive prices are maintained, even in the most turbulent commercial climate, through our varied supply base comprising a range of leading oil companies.

We know that you need to keep your machinery powered up whilst performing safely and reliably at all times - we’re here to help you operate more effectively nationwide. 

Comprising high performance fuels, lubricants and additives as well as essential accessories and supplementary products, our extensive range and efficiency-enhancing services deliver results - even when faced with the most demanding of situations.


Public Sector

Certas Energy is proud to support central government and the wider public sector through our preferred supplier status for the procurement heating oil as well as fuel for motor vehicles as well as marine and aviation fuel, liquid petroleum gas, solid fuel, biomass, lubricants and greases.

We have been supplying essential fuel and lubricants across the public sector, including to the military, hospitals, schools, regional, local and county councils as well as the emergency services.  


We take our responsibility to sustainability very seriously, continuously working to reduce the environmental impact of both our own operations, as well as our customer’s :

• Minimising waste
• Protecting diversity
• Reducing harmful emissions
• Providing training and development
• Creating local employment opportunities
• Investing in the communities in which we operate

We continually innovate through product research and development, to bring fuel solutions that are easier to transport, reduce emissions and can automate usage reporting.

Keeping your operation moving

Our robust infrastructure assures nationwide, reliable supply; with consistently competitive prices through our varied supply base.

National network, regional presence, local delivery

Contact your local advisor now to discuss any of your fuel, lubricants, supply, storage and management needs.

Safeguarding your assets. Protecting your business.

We create partnerships that start by really understanding your needs and priorities for bulk fuel and lubricants storage and supply.

Read our Bulk Fuel and Lubricants Storage Brochure


Kerosene is a light distillate fuel for commercial/industrial processes requiring low sulphur fuel.
Also known as 28 second heating oil, burning oil, standard kero and C2 Kero.

  • Remains liquid over a large temperature range
  • Requires no specialist additives to preserve its fuel qualities
  • Can be upgraded to deliver additional performance benefit


  • Delivers significant levels of heat from small amounts of fuel
  • Economical to use and cost efficient
  • Easily transportable and easily storable
  • ‚ÄčA relatively clean burning fuel with relatively low carbon (CO²) emissions when compared with coal or wood


Premium Kerosene
Additive-enhanced kerosene specifically designed for use in the home. It works in standard boilers and cookers (i.e. AGAs, Rayburns)


  • Lower fuel consumption reducing CO2 emissions

  • Increases boiler performance

  • Will not cause any mechanical damage to boilers, engines, furnaces, tanks, etc


  • Fewer sooty build ups
  • Increases time required between overhauls
  • Maintains optimum boiler efficiency
  • Helps reduce fuel spend
  • Extends boiler life



DERV (commonly known as White Diesel/Road Diesel/ULSD – Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel) is a liquid fuel used in road vehicles and has the applied government duty to be paid. The DERV supplied by Certas Energy meets BS EN590 standard and is the most common fuel used by vehicles that operate on public highways.


BS EN590 standard means fuel may contain up to 7% biodiesel

Between October and March, DERV supplied is covered to temperatures of -12C with addition of a pre-mixed winter additive


Gas Oil

Gas Oil carries a lower rate of duty than Diesel and can be used in modern diesel vehicles for off highway applications, trains, industrial and commercial boilers/furnaces, stationary engines and light duty to medium speed marine applications. 


  • Clearly marked with a red dye to differentiate it from ULSD.

  • Class A2 specification is suitable for both diesel engines and furnace applications whilst the Class D specification is suitable for furnace applications, but not suitable for diesel engines.
  • It cannot be used for road vehicles.


  • Class D is significantly cheaper than Class A2 because it is priced from a different product quotation.


Boiler Maintenance
Our highly trained team of OFTEC registered engineers work right across the UK*. So no matter where you are in the country, you can rely on Certas to service or repair your boiler. Our boiler maintenance plans also enable you to:

  • Reduce the risk of a breakdown.
  • Guarantee your boiler against breakdowns, replacement parts and labour.
  • Receive a reminder when you’re due for a service.

Fuel Monitoring and Security

There’s nothing worse than running out of heating oil, so let us make your life easier through our fuel monitoring system. Plus, we know how important it is to keep your heating oil safe. Check out our range of monitoring and security systems.

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