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The Bird Control Specialists

Reactive Group Services are the UK's specialists at resolving problems with pest birds and their mess on buildings in the High Street, Offices, Shopping Malls, Supermarkets and Railway infrastructure.

We work with building managers to establish the most effective, discreet and safe methods of removing nuisance birds from churches to warehouses and making areas safe and pleasant to use again.

We have some of the best-trained site teams in the country that can deliver complete solutions for problems with pigeons, seagulls and other bird species; working safely to budget and timescale.

Got gulls? - Not a problem: Reactive Group can install a variety of deterrent systems from exclusion netting or wires to prevent seagulls from nesting or roosting on roofs to gull spikes or electronic systems that deter them from landing. We clean away the mess that the birds cause to prevent gutters and drain points choking and flooding, as well as discouraging them from landing in the first place.

Problems with pigeons? - Don't worry: We've got the expertise from working on every type of building and structure where birds could perch, nest or roost at night. We can enclose entire roofs, warehouses and buildings with discreet pigeon netting, use bird deterrent wires, spikes or even low-profile track with a tiny electric current that will keep them from settling and perching on your building.

We'll devise the best and most cost-effective deterrent solution for your property to keep the pigeons off and stop them coming back.

Bird Control

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