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Welcome to Eltec – Identifying waste energy and offering solutions

Our main services are Ultrasound, Thermal imaging and Autostop.


  • 5509 Air leaks found
  • £ 1381 000 Cost of air leaks found
  • £ 251 Average cost of an air leak



Ultrasound has many uses within the manufacturing sector. The images below show some examples of work undertaken by ELTEC.

  Compressed air leak detection, air leaks can cost upward of £20k for a 24/7 operation. Repairing identified leaks contributes to sections of ESOS & ISO 50001

 Steam traps operation, steam traps that have failed closed can cause poor quality steam whilst traps that have failed open can cost £2k each

 Specific elements of bearing wear can be identified with Ultrasound

 Tightness testing, placing a generator inside a sealed enclosure like vehicles, shipping containers etc using an ultrasonic detector can identify potential causes of water ingress, wind noise or heat loss

 Bearing lubrication, lubrication a bearing in a correct and controlled manner can extend the life

 Bearing trends, results taken over a period of time can produce trends that can identify impending failure and allow repair in pro-active manner

Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging has many uses in preventing unplanned failures, below are some examples.

 Hydraulic accumulators, as can be seen from this image the right hand accumulator is not functioning, this can cause slower cycles, inconsistent filling etc

 Leaking steam valves can be both dangerous and costly, this particular example was feeding an unused section of pipe and was costing around

 Steam traps fail both open and closed, a closed trap like in the image allows condensate build up which results in poor heat transfer at best and destructive water hammer at worst

 Leaking EPS Machine steam valves cost considerable amounts of steam

 Loose wires wires like this are easily identified with a thermal camera, if this wire fell out the equipment would have an unplanned stoppage that could take several hours to identify

 Thermal anomaly on a 11kV transformer with a loose black terminal







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