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Welcome to InTandem Systems Ltd

InTandem Systems (ITS) is a growing and thriving Hampshire based BEMS controls specialist, established since 1997. The business provides a wide range of services for contract works from design and engineering, special projects, control panel manufacture, electrical installation and commissioning and this is supplemented by its energy management consultancy and servicing.

Our customer base is broad and varied covering both public sector (schools/ hospitals/ colleges/care homes/leisure centres) and private sector projects (universities/ listed buildings/ health spas/transport terminal buildings/ hotels).

ITS has developed strategic partnerships within the supply chain to ensure that its wide range of customers receive the BEMS package that best suits their operational requirements whilst being within budget and delivered on time.

We also deliver a range of post-occupancy services and products to fine tune customers BEMS as their environmental circumstances change and to ensure that energy efficiency is optimised keeping buildings on or above the performance decay curve whilst maintaining occupant comfort.

In order to deliver this ‘solutions based’ service we are highly committed to the Continuing Professional Development of staff and encourage everyone to embark upon an individual training programme. This can cover all aspects of training from product specific courses through for example Trend (as part of our Trend Technology Centre status) , technical courses (apprenticeships and City & Guilds) and specialist controls qualifications through the BCIA’s own training scheme as well as personal development via other providers.


Why Choose InTandem?

With over 25 years of experience and many strategic partnerships within the supply chain, we at InTandem Systems work to provide the best possible BEMS package for your operational requirements as well as delivering projects within budget and on time. We also offer a range of post-occupancy services aimed at fine-tuning BEMS systems to optimise energy efficiency, respond to environmental and operational requirement changes and maintain your system in accordance with the performance decay curve.


Services And Products


Building Energy Management Systems

This is a key business area for InTandem and is where we work as part of our customers supply chain to attend meetings with Consultants, Clients, Architects and End Users to ensure that the BEMS fully meets the requirements of all the stakeholders. With a very high emphasis on up front engineering, the delivery of the BEMS and the management of the Client Expectation becomes significantly more straightforward.


Control Panel & Design Build
With our own panel workshop and panel design facility, we design and manufacture Control Panels of all sizes and for a wide range of bespoke environments. We also specialize in control panel refurbishment for a range of clients.


Energy Performance Review

Even if systems have been commissioned with energy consumption in mind, once they have been commissioned they generally start to slip down the energy performance curve. By carrying out an Energy Performance Review it is possible to reset the performance curve to reduce energy consumption whilst maintaining comfort levels


Fault Finding

Sometimes it’s just the benefit of a fresh pair of eyes but this is an area where the collective experience we have within the company provides an important resource for our customers to identify and resolve the fault with the minimum of downtime and disruption.


Service & Maintenance

There is no doubt that when servicing and maintenance is done using detailed schedules and procedures, it saves money. For each site, we prepare a document showing all the devices that are tested and maintained together with the test that is carried out. With clear lines of Engineer-Client communication, this keeps systems working more effectively for longer with significantly less break-downs.


Installation & Testing

Many of our engineers start out as electrical apprentices and then with continued training they develop into Controls Engineers. This gives us a strong foothold in BEMS installation whether we are carrying out the work ourselves or working alongside companies who are installing the BEMS using schedules prepared by us. Our engineers sit the18th Edition exam with many also taking the Periodic Inspection, Testing and Certification qualification.


System Strategy & Graphics

With a developed library of proven strategy and graphics built up over 20 years by our ‘Expert’ engineers, we have in-house capability for the preparation of all Trend Strategy and IQVision requirements (963 is also still supported). Other systems are supported using our partner network which enables us to deliver a wide range of BEMS systems. Honeywell Centraline was also added to our portfolio in 2021.


Connectivity & Integration

This has become a growing part of the business in recent years, as we support the demand to get better access to BEMS systems for clients both within the building and remotely. This enables energy and performance to be better managed to match demand and to ensure any performance issues can receive a significantly quicker response time.

Integration is now normal for every site we work on with quality data from Electricity Meters being brought onto the BEMS so that useful management data is easily accessible. High level interfaces using ModBus and BACnet with packaged systems such as AHU’s, Natural Ventilation, CHP’s, Underfloor Heating, Chillers, Boilers, Pumps, etc can all be interfaced with the BEMS to share data. This then enables all these ‘intelligent’ systems to function together, with the BEMS as the ‘Control Hub’ to provide what is referred to as a Smart Building.



We can source spares or help find alternative for obsolete controls. We even hold some spares for superseded controls which are used to support systems whilst replacement strategies are being planned.


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