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Agile Group Systems and Services Ltd
28 Momentum Place, Bamber Bridge, Preston, Lancashire, PR5 6EF

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Singlepoint is a rapidly adaptable no-code QMS and compliance platform that helps manufacturing and engineering businesses continually improve processes, reinforce a culture of compliance and drive quality from a single source of truth.

The complete QMS solution

Interface 3D

Cost effectively configure and adapt workflows

Singlepoint QMS includes an intuitive and powerful no code editor which allows users to build on top of our base compliance, health and safety and QMS modules.

Employee 3D

Engage every employee with the right information

Our simple UI and unique visual navigator allows employees to rapidly access and easily navigate complex layers of information through an easy, image based interface.

Shield 3D

Define, organise and track a single source of truth

Our comprehensive range of modules and customisation options ensures you can migrate any kind of existing process into a single, globally accessible system.

Cloud 3D

Deploy flexibly, integrate effortlessly

SinglePoint can be rapidly deployed on any infrastructure setup, whether that’s on premise, private cloud or public cloud, putting you fully in control of your data and security. Our flexible API setup also allows you to configure custom APIs to push and pull data from other systems.

Brain 3D

Access business intelligence in real time

Our integrated reporting tool Radar BI offers an easy, affordable business intelligence tool for executives and business users which connects to a multitude of data sources including CRMs, ERPs and accounting systems.

Migrate 3D

Seamlessly migrate from any system

With rapid import capabilities, Singlepoint can import and process thousands of documents in hours rather than days or weeks.


Expert UK support at every step

With over twenty years experience in process improvement, our team is on-hand to support throughout the implementation process and ongoing development and support of your system.

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Find out how we can help your organisation improve processes, reinforce a culture of compliance and drive quality from a single source of truth.



Quality Management

EH&S Compliance Management

Document Control & Management

Visual Navigator

Business Intelligence

Singlepoint is proven to not just manage your Quality Management System, but to really make it come alive to help quality and best practice become an intrinsic part of what your people do every day.

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At its heart, your EH&S program is all about your people and making sure that they go home safely from work every day. New technologies offer a tremendous opportunity to improve the safety of your workforce.

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Singlepoint’s Next Generation Document Control is designed for the way today’s businesses need to work. Systemic control, secure access and in-built compliance and all with a simple and intuitive end user experience.

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Struggling with digital interfaces that feel detached from your team’s everyday reality? Meet Singlepoint Visual Navigator. More than just design, it’s a completely configurable and customisable visual interface that compliments every aspect of Singlepoint.

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Businesses must have a clear, real-time view to their data to get insight into their organisation and rapidly make informed decisions.

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Our knowledge is your competitive advantage

Redthorn Ltd is a UK based company with offices situated around the world. We specialise in the development and distribution of MRP software solutions and business consultancy services supporting the aerospace, defence, energy, and advanced engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Established for over 30 years, we support over 600 engineering and manufacturing sites worldwide with more than 6000 individual users. Our success has been driven by our skilled team, many of whom are experienced Aerospace professionals with extensive working knowledge of OEMs and the variability of demand and capacity management within the supply chain.

Our Vision

Using technology to develop a digital culture and improve performance.

Our vision is to continue to develop our technical solutions, products and services to meet the needs of the aerospace and advanced engineering and manufacturing sector working in partnership with our customers to support the development of their digital skills whilst embedding a digital culture.

Supporting clients in multiple industries

Redthorn are widely recognised as a market leader supplying MRP software solutions into the sub-contract engineering sector. The company has in excess of 500 UK machining and fabrication sites utilising five generations of Redthorn software, equating to over 3000 users. In Australia, there are more than 100 companies using the Redthorn software totalling in excess of 400 users.




Scalable MRP software that grows with your business.

Our MRP products are written in Oracle, one of the largest vendors supporting sub-contract engineering, machining and fabrication companies. We are now in our seventh generation “Redthorn 12” software which has recently launched into the market.

Our modular software products mean we can help you create a bespoke solution tailored to the needs of your business. With our training and support, successful implementation is achieved quickly ensuring our customers can achieve everything they require from the software. We also have RedthornSP (Your Starting Point to Manufacturing Control) a Cloud Based MRP solution designed to support small to midsize engineering and manufacturing companies.

In addition, our Business Intelligence Software allows users to quickly analyse and better understand their organisation’s performance supporting rapid decision making in the continual drive to improve productivity.

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More than just an MRP system.

Our focus is on driving performance with an emphasis on system optimisation and process improvement. Our market-leading MRP software solutions unlock genuine business potential through increased margins, improved productivity and cost efficiencies.

We understand the challenges that SMEs face and tailor our approaches accordingly; not only by supplying the technology but also by guiding companies in its effective use. Our experienced consultants deliver certified training plans to the end-users ensuring measurable improvements are seen quickly.

MRP Software Consultancy

Advancing the competitiveness of UK Manufacturing Supply Chains.

As an NMCL (National Manufacturing Competitiveness Levels) approved supplier, Redthorn’s Business Improvement Consultancy service provides assessment, strategy development, deployment and front-line leadership for the automotive and aerospace industry.

We work closely with our clients, immersing ourselves in their business to fully understand its people and procedures. We can provide support and guidance throughout the process ensuring that the strategy development and implementation are aligned with your business needs to ensure future growth and competitivity.


Business Improvement Consultancy


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