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Welcome to mclcreate - the only one stop shop for your event

We have both the technical know-how and creative expertise so we can deliver valuable experiences: We really do deliver. We own all of our equipment, we know exactly how it works, and we make sure it gets to you just as you need it.

You’ll see excellent value in everything we do. We’re extremely cost effective because we own all our equipment (so we don’t mark-up someone else’s). And, we add real value by helping you evaluate what your event requires. For your event to be a success it must be a memorable experience. So, we use our creative and technical expertise to make sure that your event really resonates with everyone who attends.


not another presentation

For presentations that really work for your audience, we turn your content into good-looking and compelling stories.

Everybody loves a good story. Stories have the power to connect with the crowd better than any graph, chart, statistic or gimmicky slide transition – they bring to life the otherwise complex topics. Because we know what looks good and what really works across a crowded room, we make sure you have a story that keeps your audience completely interested and involved from beginning to middle and end.

Our creative studio and expert technicians understand live audiences, the equipment, and what makes a successful presentation. And, by working together they design engaging presentations that push the given limits and keep it gripping.


lots of stock and excellent service

From the essentials to the latest technology – we have a huge range of up-to-date equipment ready for you to hire.

We stock a lot of equipment. With one of the largest hire supplies in the UK, if you need an audio system, projection solution or camera kit we can definitely help you.

All our kit is of the very best quality and we regularly invest in new equipment and we make sure everything we’ve got is well maintained.

We want to make hiring the right equipment as easy as possible for you, so our friendly and experienced staff are at rental desks around the country ready to answer any questions and take your order. Our skilled warehouse will prepare your rental and pass it to our team of technicians, who will deliver it safely and set it up for you. Then, when you’re ready, we’ll come and collect it.


We provide everything you could possibly need for your exhibition – from bespoke stands to tailored technical support.

Exhibitors, we understand that your spot reflects your brand. So, to make yours stand out from the other stalls, and stand up to scrutiny under the bright lights of the exhibition hall, our team will help you find what really works for your audience. And organisers, our account managers are here to help make your exhibition a success – we’re already the official AV supplier for many major events, and partnered with the biggest exhibition venues throughout the UK.

Our professional staff will get you exactly what you need, whether it’s off the shelf from our huge hire stock, or a bespoke build. And, our courteous technicians will deliver your equipment quickly, set it up securely, and stay on site to offer advice and assistance when you need it. To order equipment for your exhibition, click here


delegate & event management - sourcing, supporting and managing

Delegates are professionals – but first and foremost, they’re people. Whether you’re hosting a one day meeting or a four-day international conference, it’s the small details that they’ll remember: the warmth of the welcome, that perfectly-timed transfer.

We ensure that every step of your delegates’ journey runs with precision. From finding the ideal location and speaker, to booking flights or sourcing specialist kit at short notice, we’re on it. Ahead of time, we can build a bespoke registration site and establish effective pre-event dialogue. And, when the event is live, we’ll be there to manage suppliers and help your delegates with everything from directions to dinner arrangements.

Our expert team is experienced, resourceful and flexible: whether we handle all aspects for you, or collaborate with you and your team, we’ll make sure everything is perfectly organised, leaving you free to concentrate on the bigger picture: crafting and communicating an inspiring message.

To discuss an upcoming event requirement, email or call 0845 094 2579

Or to find out more about our extensive management services, click here to read more. 


easy, effective and engaging

Really engaging delegates is a delicate art. So, we study what you and your audience want and develop the right tools for the job.

To make sure your audience are completely engaged with what you’re doing we work out exactly what makes them tick. We use this information to involve them in every part of your experience – before, during and after the event. We know the best practical and creative ways to get everyone involved – everything from adjusting the screens to the right height so everyone can see them, developing exciting audience activities, and using social media to properly support your event.

Our new bespoke event app can really boost your brand by offering extra event content. It easily allows your audience access to schedules, speaker profiles, address books and relevant articles straight to their smart phone. Interacting with your delegates at every step of the journey is made easy with the latest technology, from RFID through to our in-house app, INTO. And we analyse their actions so you can understand and meet their needs when you contact them next.

The Delegate Journey 

We like fresh thinking, we work to high standards and we understand people. That’s why we no longer think of an event but consider the whole Delegate Journey. It’s our unique way of looking at how and why events really succeed, and it’s making our clients (and their delegates) smile.

The Delegate Journey starts way ahead of the event itself. We’ll help you understand and respond to delegates’ needs right from the start very first point of contact using digital platforms, social media and bespoke ideas to foster engagement. During the event, we manage every aspect from technical equipment to training nervous speakers. And afterwards, we’ll help you stay in touch and build lasting bonds with your delegates. It’s a journey you’ll enjoy, too. Our unique ‘one stop shop’ business model is both smart and seamless, saving you the time, hassle, cost and risk involved in dealing with numerous separate companies. No weak links in the chain, just the reassurance of knowing everything is covered, every step of the way.


your trusted global events management partner

When your event is far away, connections matter. As part of NEP Group Inc., and with sister companies all around the world, we offer our service, one you can rely on, from London to Los Angeles, Edinburgh to Shanghai. Nothing lost in translation, just business as usual, wherever the event.

Just as we own all our equipment, so do our counterparts around the world. No subcontracting. No substandard kit. Just the same impeccable standards on which we’ve built our reputation over more than 25 years in the industry. We co-ordinate everything for you, eliminating the anxiety that can, understandably, accompany the planning and delivery of a successful event thousands of miles away when factors such as location, language and cultural norms may be unfamiliar.

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