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ROQSOLID, Units 1G – 3G, Carr Mills Business Centre, 919 Bradford Road, Birstall, West Yorkshire, WF17 9JX

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About Us

We’re a family business based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

We’ve been around for 2 decades – we started manufacturing removals covers in 2000 from a single room deep inside the current 3 unit area we now inhabit.

Between 2000 and now we have moved several time into bigger units. We started off in Unit 8F, then moved to Unit 9 and are now in Units 1G-3G. Come full-circle so a customer said the other day!

20 years ago my late father Barry, my brother Lee and I (Bryn) put a few pennies together to purchase our first machines. In the beginning production worked between the single room in Unit 3, Lee’s kitchen floor at home, and a garage we rented!

Today – well we make removals covers, amp covers, cab covers, piano covers as standard and we offer a design and manufacture service as well.

That’s us in a nutshell – we’re focused, driven, creative, straight talking and love results.

So if that sounds like the sort of company you’d like to do business with, get in touch – let’s see whether we’re a good match for each other and let’s make something happen together!

ROQSOLID, Your Protection Connection.



Looking To Develop A Fabric-Based Reusable Packaging Product? We Can Help…

Having a great idea for a fabric-based reusable packaging product is one thing, but you also need to know where to go to get it designed, developed and manufactured.

Imagine if you’re a packaging company representative going to see a high value customer and discovering they want a fabric-based reusable packaging solution you know you can’t provide.

Now what? 

Once you’ve done your 180 degree about turn and left the customer’s office, you can be sure they’ll be on the phone to a competitor!

Having nothing to offer is embarrassing, frustrating and can lead to the loss of hard-won customers.

What you need is an alternative – a resource you can call on that can step up to the plate and help.

That’s where we fit in.

Our in-house design and manufacture expert Lee Towns has a wealth of experience, having created a number of bespoke cover and bag products for a wide range of industries.

Some of these include packaging, pharmaceutical, motor-sport, aerospace, hospitality, removals, music, manufacturing and many more.

Each project is handled from initial concept right through to sample creation and on approval, manufacture at our factory here in Batley, Leeds, UK.

Amp And Cab Covers

Piano Covers

Amp Covers, Cab Covers & Other Music Equipment Protection. We have over 8500 makes and models of amp and cab covers in our range. For more information see our page on the ROQSOLID site HERE or you can CLICK HERE to go to our amp and cab cover store. Piano Covers. We have over 700 makes and models of piano covers available in our range. There’s a choice of 5 colors and 3 different levels of protection. For more information see our page on the ROQSOLID site HERE or you can CLICK HERE to go to our piano cover store.

Removals Covers


Removals Covers & Bags. We have a large selection of removals covers and bags in our reusable packaging range available for the protection of most household items. For more information see our page on the ROQSOLID site HERE or you can CLICK HERE to go to our removals cover store. We can source thousands of different products.



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