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Spectra Group (UK) Limited


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Spectra Group (UK) Ltd is a leading provider of secure communications and military grade IT networks.

Serving Defence and Security, Aid and Emergency and commercial organisations, Spectra delivers solutions specific to their customers' needs - offering industry leading technology from world-class manufacturers, alongside their own proprietary technology, resulting in truly bespoke and fit-for-purpose end-products that are reliable, resilient, and deployable.

IT Networks and Information Security

Spectra has extensive experience in delivering and supporting Information Systems in both static and deployed locations. Confidentiality of information in all security scenarios is paramount in the design of every network, often deployed in hostile environments and requiring connectivity to a static HQ and other deployed locations. Integrity of the data over its entire life cycle is vital and the ongoing availability of that data ensures the user experience is fully maintained and secure.

Spectra has built networks ranging from Further Education learning environments to ones that are globally secure and robust for Special Forces deploying into hostile locations.

Whatever the scope - Spectra can design, deliver and maintain a solution to match the most challenging needs.

The Spectra Group NOC

Quality of Service (QoS) is paramount and Spectra's Network Operations Centre (NOC) runs 24/7 to ensure levels are maintained at all times and to provide remote assistance to our customers, at any time and wherever they might be. The centre provides monitoring, helpdesk support and fault resolution to deployed assets, delivering secure and reliable voice and data telecommunications and private protected network availability.

Satellite Services

Spectra Group is a world leader in global satellite telecommunication services. We provide a complete range of value added voice and data solutions from design and conception through to supply, installation, commissioning and ongoing support.

  • VENDOR INDEPENDENT: Spectra’s advice and recommendations are totally impartial, providing a best fit solution to meet specific requirements and deliver best value every time.
  • BEST PRICE: As well as recommending the most appropriate solutions, Spectra’s professional procurement service ensures the best possible price for supplied equipment.
  • HIGHLY TRAINED: Spectra engineers are the best available. They are highly trained and have the relevant operational experience to meet client requirements around the world.
  • PRAGMATIC:Pragmatic and practical advice on the implementation of ‘best of breed’ and emerging technologies that deliver significant business benefits.


The Spectra Hostile Area Deployment Environment (SHADE™ ) enables rapid deployment and delivery of secure voice and data services across any available bearer and is perfect for small teams requiring 24/7 availability, plug and play set-up and remote management

SHADE™ End User benefits:
  • CREATE A SECURE NETWORK - ANYWHERE: No matter where in the world, or how hostile the environment, with SHADE™ you can create a secure global private network and communicate within minutes.
  • DEPLOY WITHOUT DELAY: Easy to carry between locations and just as easy to set-up, with SHADE™ you can respond with speed, quickly establish field communications, and remain in control.
  • SCALABLE AND FLEXIBLE: SHADE™ is completely scalable and flexible, to meet your specific requirements. Whether a small or medium size team, we ensure everyone has the connectivity they need to function optimally and securely.
  • FULLY MANAGED SERVICE: Spectra specialists will work with you to design your communications package. The SHADE™ Central Network guarantees high levels of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of services and, once deployed, a 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) ensures Quality of Service (QoS) levels are maintained.
  • COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT: To ensure 100% redundancy of the network, SHADE™ Central is duplicated at a separate geographical location and services automatically failover in the event of a loss of service. The deployed Nodes benefit from all key system components being provided with 100% pre-configured on-site spares; making repairs hassle free and instantly fit for use. NOC staff are able to remote into all equipment, at the deployed locations, to provide expert level support, configuration changes and fault finding.
  • PLUG AND PLAY: Minimise training overheads, deployment delays and remove errors. The plug and play operation of the SHADE™ nodes can be set-up in 2-3 minutes by anyone, regardless of skill. A secure tunnel is automatically created to the configured endpoint as soon as a communication bearer is activated.


SlingShot® is a lightweight unit that converts existing UHF and VHF tactical radios to SATCOM, offering a straightforward and cost-effective way to achieve tactical, secure communications beyond line of sight (BLOS) or in areas where terrestrial infrastructure is lacking, destroyed or under threat.

Used worldwide by NATO, SlingShot works with the majority of deployed handheld VHF and UHF radios and is ideal for Border Security and as part of a Crisis Communications capability.

  • VOICE AND DATA, BLOS AND COTM: tactical comms over land, sea, and air.
  • Small size & weight with low power consumption: ideal for tactical, high tempo, operations.
  • Radio agnostic and transparent: converts UHF & VHF radios to L-Band Satcom.
  • Flexible airtime leasing: only when and where you need it.
  • Infrastructure independent: No terrestrial infrastructure? No problem.
  • Dedicated bandwidth: guaranteed bandwidth for high quality sound and data.

The Specialists in YOUR Team

Spectra boasts an experienced personnel that takes pride in, and ownership for, the services we provide. They understand the critical nature of providing reliable communications in remote and hostile areas. As a result, they operate in a proactive manner to resolve issues, before problems arise.

We take Ownership

Some say that service is an intangible. We disagree. When our customers are battling the forces of nature, and sometimes other forces, having robust and reliable communications is a very tangible requirement.

Spectra takes the responsibility of providing, what can be, life-and-death communications very seriously and is fully committed to ensuring that technically, and functionally, we exceed our customers’ expectations.

Whether at first contact, or in the depths of a crisis, you will find Spectra responsive and able to deliver the assurance you need - when it matters the most.


Communication is more than a product or a concept, it is what great relationships and excellence in service delivery are built upon.

For us, it is key to keep all stakeholders informed of situations as they progress. In addition to providing the fact of the situation we are able to provide advice on possible courses of action.





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