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The secure digital transformation partner

Parker Software is a world leader in live chat and business process automation. With a specialism in security and bespoke, on-premises software installations, we’re also a prime partner for government and public sector organisations.

We understand that highly regulated verticals like yours don’t want to rely on public cloud services. That’s why we offer watertight, self-hosted live chat and automation products – so you can propel your digital transformation without compromising security.

Introducing WhosOn

Live chat software for the government and public sector can no longer be overlooked. Members of the public see themselves as customers of public services. They demand a similar level of service that they’d receive anywhere else – prompt, personalised and digital-first. Enter WhosOn.

WhosOn live chat is secure, installable, and makes compliance easy. You can self-host chat on your own servers, behind your own firewalls, retaining full control of your own data. Every chat is encrypted, and every session secure.

Benefits of WhosOn live chat

  • Meet digital expectations within a safe deployment
  • Improve overall service and satisfaction
  • Increase online accessibility in a complex sector
  • Save the time and cost of consumer contact
  • Give timely advice, at less internal resource

The live chat experts

We’ve been specialising in live chat software since 2003. Today, we have over 10,000 customers in over 100 countries, including complex, regulated implementations in six continents.

Some of our government and public sector customers include: The Royal Mint, NASA, Wales NHS, Cheshire East Council, Tamworth Borough Council, and Winchester City Council – to name but a few.

Take the leap to secure live chat

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Beyond engagement, into automation

The Parker Software offering doesn’t end with live chat software. We also offer a business process automation suite to help reduce your manual administration work. Meet ThinkAutomation.

ThinkAutomation is a high-powered automation platform designed to monitor and act on business events. It can process your emails, automate your manual workflows, and run triggered, rule-based actions. Even better, it’s fully installable, to address any security concerns regarding your data.

Introducing ThinkAutomation

ThinkAutomation is the perfect tool for admin-heavy, regulated organisations in the government and public sectors. Its automation process follows three key steps:

  • Get: Inbound messages, database changes and monitored websites all pass through ThinkAutomation
  • Do: ThinkAutomation integrates across your systems to start parsing, processing and syncing
  • Send: Triggers kick into motion to send relevant responses, or perform the right follow-up action

Within these three key steps, thousands of automated workflows become possible. It could be as simple as syncing your emails to a CRM, or extracting information into a database.

Or, it could be a multi-layered automation workflow containing a series of rules, conditions and triggers. Whatever the need, ThinkAutomation can automate it – securely, and on-premises.

Benefits of ThinkAutomation

  • Get all your inbound messages parsed, processed, and pushed to the right place
  • Reduce manual processes and repetitive tasks
  • Increase operational efficiency, using less employee resources
  • Automated workflows, for an organisation that runs like clockwork
  • Pain-free document processing and data migration, in a secure environment

The automation experts

We’ve now been offering world-class automation software for over a decade. We’re a front-runner in the field, not a start-up jumping on the bandwagon. Today, in fact, ThinkAutomation parses some 5 billion emails each year.

Our automation customers include the likes of Cisco, Xerox, AVG, SAP and Honeywell. We specialise in serving companies with complex needs, and delivering the service, support and expertise they need to thrive.

Take the leap to automation

Want to find out more about ThinkAutomation? Take a look around our website.


Your government and public sector specialist

Parker Software is the vendor of choice for the security-focused company, serving thousands of regulated companies in complex environments. We have two clever products, three global offices, thousands of customers, and one great team.

We operate in international markets, primarily focusing on the enterprise and public sectors due to the security and scale of our products. Even better, we have a 97% retention rate with these customers. Many, in fact, have stayed loyal to us for over a decade.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

T: 0330 0882 943




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