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Welcome to Turning Moment – ​Conflict Resolution Services







Mediation is a process that will help you to discuss, explore and agree how you can improve a working relationship.  The value of mediation is that it is confidential and not subject to formal organisational processes and procedures 

Through mediation, we can support you to express your thoughts or feelings about an issue, find an agreed way forward and improve the situation.

We will help you to prepare, guide you through the mediation discussions and support you in generating an agreement to resolve the situation. 



Facilitation is a process that can help groups and teams improve how they work together.  This can include identifying and solving problems, making decisions and dealing with conflict.

As facilitators, we will work closely with you to agree your objectives.  We can help you to manage differences between group members and challenging team dynamics. 

Ultimately, we can help you work through problems and setbacks, allowing you to develop stronger relationships that will deliver more.


Our diagnostic review process generates an objective and impartial overview of the important issues that may affect an organisation, team or project.

We are independent and the process we use is not part of any formal procedure. This enables people to feel safer and be more open about their experiences, without fear of reprisal.

At Turning Moment, we are experienced in supporting organisations and people who may be affected by serious and complex situations at work that involve conflict, abuse, problems and pressure.


Our coaching programmes support managers, leaders and staff to work through challenges and complex problems more effectively.  We enable people to develop the strategies they need to successfully deliver their long-term goals.

For those facing conflict and difficult work-place relations, we provide individually tailored guidance, support and coaching to help people resolve issues themselves and move forward successfully.



Are people feeling upset, angry or aggressive towards your staff or your work? 

Our workshops ‘Safe and Sound’ and 'Courageous Conversations' enable people in your oranisation to communicate better when faced with aggression or conflict.  Both workshops provide a foundation of knowledge and skills to recognise, minimise and avoid potentially harmful situations and behaviour.

Both programmes help participants to consider their mental and physical safety.

Our workshops have been developed for remote delivery – ensuring efficiency and value for money.


Resilience is a person’s capacity to recover quickly from setbacks or adversity.  It is a vital quality in the modern workplace. 

We provide individual and group support that enables people to manage the impacts of pressure and stress,

Through our help, people will develop personal strategies to cope better when faced with unpleasant or stressful situations at work.

We have experience of supporting people who have suffered bullying, sexual and verbal abuse, physical assault and threatening behaviour.


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“Conflict was happening within one of our Home Office teams that was proving difficult to resolve.  Dave Barrett at Turning Moment provided an invaluable insight into the personal and team dynamics affecting the conflict and outlined several strategies that would offer a resolution. Dave was articulate, insightful and focused on the specific issues.  This initiated a mediation process that allowed employees to share their ideas, feelings, and thoughts and foster a much-improved relationship. I would highly recommend Turning Moment”


“Dave and his colleagues at Turning Moment have been a great support to the National Trust over a number of years with development and national delivery of bespoke training in support of safety, wellbeing, resilience and operational effectiveness for our staff dealing with challenging situations.  Dave adapts training to local and organisational needs and our collaborations have been really positive.  I look forward to working with Dave into the future as we look to embrace virtual training opportunities”


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