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Leading the way in Mirror Installations

Mirrors For Training Limited founded in 2006, is a family business, based in a purpose built manufacturing facility in Wolverhampton, West Midlands. We supply made to measure mirrors to customers throughout the UK, our clients include shop fitters, gym, dance studio, architects, builders merchants, hotels, furniture manufactures, leisure centres, schools, performing arts, theme parks, hospitals, construction industry, kitchen , bathroom and bedroom companies . All our made to measure safety mirror glass are processed in house using Pilkington® opti-mirror®, Safety backed which is manufactured to British Standards giving a far superior product when compared with cheap mirrors from the Far East and Eastern Europe which are sold by third party mirror companies on the internet, and far superior to distortion prone acrylic mirrors.

Keeping our passion and keenness to supply a superior quality products at realistic prices enabled us to further advance our market into other mainstream industries, such as the leisure and performing arts industries, where again, there seemed to be a shortfall in suppliers willing to sell their products at realistic prices, whilst offering a clear and honest service.

Now having built up and established a loyal delivery network, we can now deliver our products throughout the UK, often combining deliveries to reduce the costs incurred to our customers.

We are an independent company with one focus: to build the best products on the market.

Our Cut to Size service is quick and easy to use for any project. Especially useful for ordering bathroom mirrors to go in between tiles, with various ways of fixing.

Gym/Dance Studio Mirrors – Whether your project requires a single mirror installation of several walls of a large-scale commercial development, optimal function and value is guaranteed to meet the most quality conscious demands with flawless fulfilment. 

Our experienced installation team, are committed to quality and will quality assess every aspect of the manufacturing and fitting process. Installations are completed  our using our unique, polished aluminium system. This preferred system of installing safety mirrors, avoids using unsightly screw fixing, and adhering the mirrors (safety mirrors should always be mechanically installed, for optimum safety) this gives a sleek professional appearance to all our installations without compromising the ultimate crystal clarity reflection,  an added benefit is our system allows the mirrors to be easily removed, without damage to walls, if needed in the future.

At our purpose built warehouse in the midlands we stock large quantities of mirrors, so we can offer the most competitive quote and keep up with the high demand for our services.  We have several teams and a fleet of delivery vehicles ensuring that your order arrives on time every time.  We are proud of our reputation and commitment to quality, and high standard installations, and as we are the preferred supplier to many large construction companies who rely on us to refurb fitness/ leisure facilities nationwide. Our vehicles can be spotted all over the country and throughout Europe.

Whether you’re looking for home gym mirrors, leisure centre mirrors, dance studio or large exhibition, indoor our outdoor you can rest assured that we’ll have the right product for your needs. 

We also Manufacture a Portable Mirror solution on wheels – popular for rooms that cannot have fixed mirrors and can also be used outdoors.

The Possibilities are Endlesss

Car Showrooms – Let your Customers Reflect on their Purchases

With so many new models on the market, and even more ways to buy a vehicle, car showrooms are having to work increasingly hard to compete and get customers through their doors. With this in mind Mirrors for Training offer a solution to transform your showrooms to draw in more potential customers Not only do mirrors create light and ambiance and are certainly going to be an improvement and a way of selling more vehicles, as once you have your customer in the car and they see how good they look in it there’s no stopping them!

Nightclubs – Sexy, Funky, Cool – You Choose

The late night entertainment and leisure industry is a highly competitive market where image is everything and by using our large mirrors we can help create that image for you. Many interior designers who really know their stuff when it comes to creating interiors will use large mirrors, creating an interior so unique and exiting to draw the crowds. Our large mirrors will compliment existing Nightclub and Bar Interior Design that will set you apart from the competition. Sexy, funky, cool, chique, underground, minimalist, whatever you’re imagining, utilizing the use of large mirrors can achieve the look you desire.

Retail – Our Mirrors make Perfect Business Sense

Mirrors for Training have grown as a business though the ever-increasing requirements of mirrors to the commercial and retail sectors. As our mirrors are all made of a very high quality to BS 6206B, and are custom-made, our mirrors are suitable and safe for most applications. With our large stocks and custom-making mirror facilities, together with our own full time installers we are able to turn your mirror requirements quickly, effectively and at very competitive prices anywhere in the UK.

Dog Training – Don’t be Barking Mad, Use Mirrors

Professional dog trainers use our large mirrors as a training aid to create perfection of routines and to improve upon current obedience instructions. By the use of mirrors, the trainer can place themselves in various locations around the training area, without being in direct eye contact of the dog and still be able to see the dog’s skill and ability on different instructions. By improving the dog’s level of obedience, the trainer can be more creative when choreographing routines which can in turn, give that extra winning manoeuvre in competitions.

Golf Training – Swing Your Way to Success

Using the portable mirrors within golf practice when teeing off or for perfecting swing at home can immediately identify bad posture. The golfer will be made self aware, altering any incorrect movements and allowing their teacher/coach to focus on other aspects of the class. The Portable Mirrors prevent time wasting and enable the training to move forward at a faster pace. The 6ft x 4ft Wide mirrors are the perfect size to reflect the actions of various movements, Portable Mirrors are manufactured Framed in Powder Coated Steel and having the element of being scratch resistant drastically lengthens their lifetime in service and prevents any unwanted damage. The safety features of the mirrors such as the lockable wheels and the safety backed features enable the mirrors to be safe and suitable for all ages. Mirrors for Training recognise that learning how to master your back-swing can take years of skilled practice. Your goal is to get one fluid motion of grace and finesse. From the start of your back-swing, through impact, to the follow through, it should be one fluid motion….

Stables – The Perfect Companion

Installing a mirror in the stable, in a location that the horse could easily see his/her reflection, would provide a companion and make the horse feel it had company. This comforts the horse and reduces stress related behaviours such as cribbing, weaving, biting etc relax your horse. Horses love company – its only natural for them, as they are herd animals. This simple trick will remove the underlying stress and boredom and reduce or cure the stable vice. Stable Mirrors have a huge effect on the well being of a nervous stabled horse or pony. Tests have proven that horses that have been long term weavers, stopped or significantly reduced this within 24 hours of a stable mirror being installed.

Rowing – Portable Mirrors are a Fantastic Facility to Add to Your Club

An easy way to quickly assess your posture and rowing technique is to place mirrors in front and alongside the rowing machine. Our fantastic Portable Mirrors, turn any room into a multi-functional studio or professional training area. Our mirrors are manufactured to the highest standard; they are built to last in powder coated steel in black or white finish. The mirrors have locking wheels so are secured in place when in use and all our mirrors are safety backed and safe and suitable for all ages.



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