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SafeSol are leading providers of water disinfectants and water system de-scalers, as well as a whole range of cleaning chemicals suitable for a wide gamut of uses. We help all customers make exactly the right choice for them, using our extensive cleaning chemical knowledge and know-how.

SafeSol is the home of Huwa-San, and are creators of Checkmate, SweetPee, GumDrops and Hydrogen Peroxide product lines.

SafeSol are a chemical supply company who provide environmentally friendly products. We supply disinfectants that are free from alcohol and chlorine and whose breakdown products are oxygen and water. our disinfectant can be used for surface, air, and water disinfection. We also have odour eliminator products that are enzyme based which are ideal for getting rid of the smell of urine and vomit. Discounts on list prices are available on bulk purchases.


SafeSol offer a full, personal support service with all products sold on the site. If you have a question, we have the answer.

We are a cleaning chemical specialist, with specialist knowledge and know-how that we are always happy to share with our customers, and are specialists in legionella and Covid-19 advice. Whether you need to know which chemical to mix in your spa, or which product to disinfect your warehouse, we can help you.

Save Time
By using exactly the right chemical first time, every time; you reduce the need for re-treating or re-cleaning water supplies. For example, disinfecting with Huwa-San means you don’t have to neutralise with sodium thiosulphate. It also removes biofilm making your system more efficient.

Save Money
Our products get the most from your water systems, so you get the most from them too. For example, using Huwa-San technology allows you to lower calorifier temperature temperatures and reduce energy costs.

Save the Environment
We don’t just sell industry compliant chemicals, we actually create better alternatives. This is how SafeSol – and our clients – constantly contribute to protecting our environment. 




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Fogging Service

Disinfect your public space and create a safe environment for your customers and staff. Fogging is the most effective protection against Covid-19.


SafeSol use Huwa-San, marketing leading disinfectant cleaning chemicals, suitable for the removal of Covid-19.

What is fogging?

Fogging is the only cleaning and disinfection method that can give your customers and staff complete peace of mind that the building that they are working in or visiting is free of viruses, bacteria, spores and mould.

Fogging is ideal for deep cleaning of high risk environments such as gyms, doctor’s and dentist’s surgeries and care homes. It can been done in an evening or a weekend once practice is finished.

How does it work?

Fogging involves putting a cold, dry, chemical fog into a room or space atmosphere to kill viruses, bacteria and mould. This process is a terminal disinfection and takes place after a room has had normal clean down.

Fogging reaches the places other cleaning processes can’t reach. The fog will disinfect walls, ceilings and get into cracks and crevices. It is an important process in the fight against Coronavirus and other harmful pathogens that may be harmful to our health.

Huwa-San is an AFNOR approved product suitable for healthcare premises. It has passed the AFNOR NF T 72-281 standard.

SafeSol use Huwa-San products. These are an approved chemical for treatment against Coronavirus Covid-19

Suitable for many environments

  • Healthcare Centres
  • Offices
  • Surgeries
  • Gyms
  • Childern’s Nurseries
  • Warehouses
  • Garden Centres
  • Church Halls


Public Sector Clients Include:


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