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For When Communications Matter

Simplifying the complexity of communications since 1996

At NSL, we believe in developing solutions that are born out of an in-depth understanding of what makes your world tick and what you need to achieve now, and in the future.

There’s no use selling you a service that isn’t what you want or need, so we endeavour to provide you with the right technology and services to help your business succeed. Alongside the technical and contractual flexibility that ensures you can adapt to growth, team behaviour and changes in the market.

Why NSL?

We develop solutions to meet your business needs | All our products are secure and industry compliant | Over 25 years experience | Impartial and unbiased advice

Our people are telecoms professionals who care passionately about the services that we provide, with the best-in-class technology and services that meet your budget and exceed your specific needs. Every choice and recommendation we make is streamlined and simplified for efficiency, but we will still take you through the technical aspects of your solution to assure you that every avenue and possibility is catered for.

With 25 years’ experience, we fully believe that our consistent success and long-lasting reputation is testament to our goal-oriented, solution-focused customer journey and superior customer service. Every decision we make says something about who we are. Over the years, we have built our reputation by taking the time to build a depth of knowledge around our customers that never needs to be diluted by change of management, and we will continue to do so for years to come.

NSL is an Ofcom registered DIP (Digital Infrastructure Provider) with a unique approach to doing business in the telecoms market. Founded in 1996, NSL’s mission is to be the comms expert for companies that do not have one and to work closely with telecom managers in larger organisations. With no allegiances or targets to achieve with any network, we will only deliver solutions that are right for our customers, setting realistic expectations every step of the journey. Also, our standard contracts are 30 days and only vary with specific product requirements. This demonstrates the confidence we have in our technology, services, our team and our ability to deliver on the promises we make.

We will be on the journey together, identifying problem areas within your network infrastructure and finding innovative solutions that provide a strong return on investment. As a business-only Digital infrastructure Provider, you can rest assured that our products are secure and compliant to the regulations of your industry. We also actively collaborate with the trade organisation FCS; liaising with legislating bodies and the incumbent national public telephone network to ensure that all advice provided considers forward trends and legislation.


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What Makes NSL Special

Every decision we make says something about who we are. We believe that authenticity is our most precious commodity as a business. We take the time to listen to our customers and act in their best interests for a pain-free experience.






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