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Woven was founded on the belief that the key to growth in today’s highly competitive and ever-changing environment is through the delivery of inspired experiences. 

And that by delivering inspired experiences – for our clients, their customers and colleagues – underpinned with the right technology solutions, we will deliver something new and special into an under-serviced mid-market.

Our proposition is founded on three core pillars:

1 – Inspired Experiences – through which we will bespoke and tailor our services for every brand we represent

2 – Bespoke Technology – with which we will help our clients build deliver and change across any channel with great ease and speed.

3 – Hands-On People – who go above and beyond for our clients’ customers, looking after them as if they were our own

Our journey began at the end of 2018 when, powered by our relationship with Aquiline Capital Partners, we acquired three complementary businesses, with over 20 years experience, that allowed us to create our ‘Woven Core.’  In 2019-20 we also acquired tPoint solutions, a best-in-class technology provider, and BYC AQUA, the independent South Africa-based Quality Assurance specialists.

This delivered the foundation from which we are continuing to build and evolve.  And it’s only the start of the journey – Woven is a business with a long-term vision and clear view of its intended evolution. Read more about us 


Woven With You.  Shared resource bureau service with 750+ clients.

  • Highly efficient, cost-effective services ranging from call answering through customer service, helpdesk and outbound. Resilient by design.  Operating across 3 UK-based sites.

tPoint. A Woven Technologies company. Agile and proprietary.

  • Leading edge technology serving over 750 Woven and direct clients. Easily integrating legacy systems. Adapting services in real time. We deliver all your channels in the cloud, seamlessly connected.

Woven.  Delivering exceptional experiences for 20+ years.

  • Deddicated and shared resource contact centre operations. Sales and Service. Inbound and Outbound. Going above and beyond for your customers across any channel. 3 physical sites and Work From Home operations in the UK and South Africa.

BYC AQUA. A Woven Solutions company. Quality Assurance.

  • Independent QA based in Cape Town with 20+ years experience and over 100 international clients. Powerful analytics-based quality scoring helping you improve customer experience.



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