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Welcome to Bulb Tech Group Limited

Across the world these last few years, we have seen how people care for each other, as humans.

It’s not suppliers dealing with customers and vice versa. It never has been.

It’s people to people, and never more so than now.We believe the relationships we build along the way are the most important things in our lives.

And we pride ourselves in building those real relationships, managing UCaaS & CCaaS solutions for amazing people in this new world of work.

This “new way” of working with communications has led to rocketing demands on the world’s fixed and mobile networks.

It’s underlined the opportunities available to Operators and Service Providers, like Bulb, as well as the importance of getting the right solution in place for YOU, as we work ever more remotely and seek ever more productivity.

Our new freedom needs to be balanced with new security risks, as more and more products are moving to hosted solutions. And with everything suddenly up for review, it’s down to who you trust to guide you through.e.

We’re back to people dealing with people.


You, me, and telephony

Instead of having your own telephone system with all its associated hardware to manage locally on your premises, as people work from multiple locations, a much easier and flexible option is to have a hosted solution which potentially allows you to fix or cap your monthly costs.

Just ask HOW?



The Bright-er side of business life!
BrightUC is our very own hosted telephone system, built on the very successful and stable foundation that is PortaOne.

Learn more about BrightUC


Microsoft Teams

Illuminate for Teams
You’ve heard everything about Teams taking over the communications world, making it easier to communicate with colleagues and customers. And you want to be part of the 65% of Global Enterprises that have already moved to Teams, well finally, you can have a complete Microsoft Teams solution!

Learn more about Teams



How many times a week do you complain about not being able to “get through” to a someone?
Whether it’s the car insurance provider, your bank, the local council, the tax office etc…
Now imagine what your customers think about your business?

Learn more about CCAAS



A local shop for local people
Working with our global partner – Bandwith, we can provide you with a local presence in 67 countries around the world, from a shop front in Leeds to a factory in Lithuania or an Office block in Louisianna, we have you covered.

See how SIP can help you


To find out more about how Bulb can help brighten your day, please complete the form on this page and one of the team will be back in touch in a flash!


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