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Welcome to Minoxsys - Smart Technology, Simple Solutions

About us 

We are a dedicated team of experienced healthcare experts that includes GPs, consultant surgeons, healthcare informatics technologists, designers, developers, software engineers, user experience/user interface (UX/UI) consultants and content writers/editors who have deep knowledge of the problems associated with the process of care.

Our combined understanding has led to the creation of sophisticated web/app based data driven systems as evidenced by our truly award winning solution to better manage patients and improve health outcomes. 

By creating more visibility of patient flows and interactions in real-time, our smart platform can monitor and measure patient outcomes for value-based care and improve the effectiveness of healthcare organisations.


  • Software design, development and support
  • Mobile app design and development
  • Responsive website design and development

Minoxsys Pathways 

Minoxsys transforms the way patients are managed across the healthcare system, mapping patient flow through care pathways to predict bottlenecks and identify future inefficiencies allowing for prevention and early intervention.

Minoxsys delivers a simple and powerful software solution to extract vital data and map patient flows across health economies to improve the process of care.

We monitor care pathways in real-time with our integrated data viewing application, to predict bottlenecks and identify inefficiencies so that better decisions can be made before events occur.

Healthcare providers find it difficult to identify inefficiencies in the process of care. The systems they use are not designed to give them data to see where patient journeys will be impacted in the future. This means they are always looking at obstacles that have already caused a problem, and not seeing what’s in front of them to understand why delays continue to occur.

Minoxsys has a different approach, we pull the information from systems that are in everyday use across healthcare providers, to monitor patient journeys in real-time, and provide a view into the future.

The result…you know where your patients are going before they get there…and, you can navigate the obstacles before they cause delay. You get the information you need on your dashboard, or through easy to use menus to quickly see bottlenecks in pathways and identify future events that will be impacted. This allows quick drill down to information at all levels in a health community (provider, specialty, clinician and patient) to find the problem and take immediate action.

Proactive management of care for patients from referral to assessment and ongoing care will:

  • Provide data to set and measure outcomes
  • Improve waiting time management and length of stay
  • Improve patient experience
  • Improve patient flow through the system.

Proactive monitoring of pathways of care for any condition produces data such as:

  • Number of patients being treated
  • Average (mean) length of stay from analysis of pathway events
  • Minimum and maximum length of stay
  • Waiting time for treatment
  • Patient/family experience

Pathways monitors patient flow, with patient event milestone targets measured against actual performance dates to trigger pre and post alerts for better patient management.

  • Integrate with GP systems, EPRs, hospital administration systems and community healthcare systems to receive patient demographics, referrals, Pathway ID, Clock Start/Stop dates and pathway events such as booking appointments, scheduled admission date, assessments, and to identify orders placed and result available dates.
  • Monitor multiple pathways in real-time to optimise patient flow and record patient outcomes, so that healthcare professionals have access to up to date data and know exactly where their patients are in their care pathway.
  • Automate process alerts to ensure that clinicians, managers and admin staff can proactively intervene and manage patients through their pathway to optimise patient flows, meet targets and improve outcomes.
  • Activate automated messaging with Minoxsys Communications after episodes of care to record patient experience – within a pathway, automated messaging can be activated to communicate with patients in multiple formats – email, SMS or push/pull notifications and video.
  • Enable patient access to their own pathways so they know what their journey looks like.

For more information, see: Pathways or our G-Cloud listing on GOV.UK Digital Marketplace 


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