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Welome to WDG Research - Bringing clients closer to their customers

WDG Research is one of the UK’s leading independent full service marketing research agencies. We have been delivering qualitative and quantitative research solutions and strategic thinking since 1991, underpinning everything we do with our desire to bring clients closer to their customers.

Using a rigorous process of Investigation, Insight and Interpretation, WDG Research delivers answers with which to drive your business forward. Read more about us

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At WDG Research we aim to bring you closer to your customers and that means helping you develop your company, your team and your brands to deliver on all promises.

We work with you to understand your main objective so that the research process is integral to its achievement. Whatever your goal we work with you to identify challenges such as:

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•  Developing a customer relationship strategy
•  Product innovation and co-creation
•  Brand development
•  Market assessment
•  Advertising/promotion development and tracking
•  Team motivation


We have a range of solutions that keeps abreast of the dynamic commercial landscape. From traditional methodologies to online qualitative and quantitative platforms and mobile-based data capture, we make sure you have your finger firmly on your customer’s pulse.

Old School: Quantitative and Qualitative research

Traditional research techniques designed to deliver the clearest insights whether you are a B2C or B2B business. Clients can interface with consumers and see how they respond to new ideas, and concepts can be handled, tested, tasted and evaluated. Results are turned around with depth, robustness and quality of information.

Engaged Universe: Online and mobile communities provide hundreds of consumers and stakeholders discussing your brands and services 24/7 in a safe environment. These communities can be as broad or as deep as you define – you can even use your own database. Whether web-based or mobile usage, this approach means you can ask opinions on any issue, co-create new products and essentially plug their thinking into your decision-making.

Field Assurance: UK-wide professional interviewers and recruiters who are experienced in locating difficult-to-find samples for a wide range of research needs including Mystery Shopping, Product Innovation programmes, Advertising Development and Tracking research, Product and Price Testing, and Brand Equity Measuring to name a few…

Global Assurance: Our network of marketing experts and international research partners enables us to provide an extensive range of marketing, co-creativity and research tools. Talk to us and we will explain how this directly benefits your business.


Our Insight Services:


  • The essential what, why and how of marketing research. Involving small and well-defined groups of consumers, employees, stakeholders or target individuals, qualitative research provides an in-depth view of these individuals and how they interact with products, services or complex concepts when seen or experienced in their day-to-day lives. Used to derive greater insight, or test hypotheses. Most common methodologies are focus group and in-depth interview (IDI). There is a myriad of other uses and methodologies employed in Qualitative that provides greater depth of understanding and a richer source of ideas than Quantitative can deliver.


  • The important how many of research. It involves engaging large samples of people who are representative of a larger population in structured interviews either face to face, over the phone (CATI), digital or online. These interviews can be repeated in the future so that results can be compared, performance indicators assigned and trends measured. Due to the robustness of the data, quantitative research is most commonly used to progress decision-making, investment, product development and marketing activity, to reassure stakeholders and to support sales.


We want the results of your marketing research to play a major role in driving your plans forward, so we deliver outcomes that are meaningful to you and your team and create action:

• Your KPIs can be included in the research structure and benchmarked in its analysis to create measures that are communicable throughout your business and enhance your CRM feedback
• Our concept development programme is entirely interactive and transparent so you know what to develop and how to improve it
• Further down the line we work with your production, pack designers and detail specialists, developing and refining until you have a branded product that is motivating and desirable
• Instantaneous feedback using web and mobile-based communities means that negative experiences can be rapidly managed and rectified, and positive feedback leveraged
• We present the market assessment with our own recommendations that are based on the disseminated information and overlaid by our extensive experience garnered across many markets and many years
• Working with you and keeping a close eye on the commercial capabilities within your business, we don’t waste your time and budget presenting ideas that are non-starters


Public Sector Case Study

English Heritage together with other tourist organisations places importance on delivering excellent service at its key sites around the UK measured against internal KPIs. Regular monitoring of its estates ensures measures are met and improved. WDG Research used a programme of Mystery Shopping to evaluate each site against key performance indicators (KPIs) and deliver a customer-eye view of the experience. This ongoing programme flagged up areas requiring improvement, enabling English Heritage to implement changes and optimise the quality of visitors’ experiences.


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