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About Us

We provide the technology and services to enable businesses to benefit from customer footfall presence in and around their premises.

It is our mission to help every business achieve their maximum potential through the analysis of real-world data, driven by artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT). Out-thinking and outperforming the competition is easy when your decisions are based on facts rather than conjecture.

We enable new capabilities for businesses of every size, monitoring trends, finding patterns, and delivering actionable ideas for changes to your business that will increase customer retention, lifting your business to a level of success never experienced before.

Easy to Start

Easy to Maintain

Easy to Excel

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We want it to be as simple as possible for business owners to start to make a change in their business for the better. Installation is simple – just plug in our simple plug-and-play sensor and everything else is handled remotely. We manage everything remotely for you. After initial setup is completed any software updates or changes to the system can be made remotely – you just need to reap the benefits of our highly intuitive system. By using real-world data, we can model and predict behaviours of future customers. This allows you to exploit opportunities that will have the most positive impact on passers-by, enabling you to attract the customers other businesses can’t.


Why choose StreetCloud

Committed to our clients success. We aim to increase value from visitor presence data and enhance consumer interaction resulting in measurable commercial gain. We offer a totally managed service so you can focus on important operational aspects of running your business.

Human Behaviour, Data Science

Humans are creatures of habit, but most of these habits are subconscious. We can discover the triggers that make your customers tick, giving the maximum benefit to your business.

  • Find underlying patterns of customer behaviour

  • Make changes in your business to promote customer engagement

  • Discover the best ways to maximize on the availability of passers-by

  • Real-world data analytics

Modified Marketing based on Customer Intelligence

When we discover all that we can about visitor behaviour and engage with consenting customers as they get on with their day, your business will be at the forefront of their mind. Without overwhelm, the benefits of customers who are engaged with your business are multiple:

  • Increased brand awareness

  • Repeated visits

  • Reputation enhancement

  • Increased sales potential


Our Services

We Provide Useful Services



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In todays world its no surprise that possibilities are endless with using high quality data.  Our consultants are highly skilled in data science and applying their skills to extract valuable information and insights. When presence data is combined with other business metrics invaluable new insights are possible. We look forward to explore how new insights will enable new outcomes for your business.

  • Experienced Consultants
  • Committed to business outcomes
  • Expand capabilities for the team

While all our business tools are intuitive to use,  we offer onsite training that can be customised to suit your working practices.  We use common BI tools such as Microsoft PowerBi which means your teams may already have the skills to exploit the capabilities. Where our help is required we’ll be on hand to collaborate with you to build a training package to suit the needs of your business.

  • Easy to use intuitive systems
  • Customised Training to suit needs
  • Common OTS Bi Tools

Data Integration

Data Analysis

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Outside our existing data sets, our data sources can be joined with your own data sources or even external data sources using API’s .  This opens up amazing new insights that will be unique to your business extending your competitive edge over your customers. Our consultants are on hand to instigate data analysis activity to explore the outcomes your business needs. The possibilities are endless!

  • Advance Advisory Team
  • Professional Consulting Services

Our Data Analysis services is where we explore which business outcomes will add the most value and which features and enhancements should be prioritised so that your business starts benefiting as early as possible. Our team is experienced in working flexibly around your needs and  will collaborate with you and other suppliers to agree and prioritise the outcomes that should be targeted first and the best approach to delivery success.

  • Data Exploration
  • Focused on business benefits
  • Committed to delivering value

Customised Reports

Project Management

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We have a large selection of business intelligence reports which show valuable insights out of the box, however as every business is different we are on hand to develop custom reports to ensure the insights are highly relevant to your business. Our reports can also be customised to match your branding so that every outlet across you company has a consistent look and feel. All data can be grouped to enable a consolidated view of insights across the company.

  • Large range of BI reports
  • Ensure Insight relevance
  • Group wide consolidation capability

The success of every project starts with a clear understanding of the required outcomes.  Once this is understood our project managers work closely with your team to plan the various stages of the project and ensure that the features that add the greatest value to your business is prioritised.  We adopt an Agile way of working meaning that the project can be flexed according to your needs while always being focused on outcomes that add most value.

  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Agile Approach to Delivery
  • Flexible Delivery to suit needs


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