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The Quantic Group Ltd, Flagship House, Reading Road North, Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 4WP

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Who we are

Quantic is the end to end growth partner for global and local brands.

We help our clients to out think, out sell and out perform their competitors.

We are experienced professionals who've held senior positions and consistently delivered results in some of the world's best performing companies.

Headquartered near London, we work globally; current assignments span 28 countries across all 6 continents.

What we do

Quantic is a consultancy that helps clients identify and unlock growth opportunities by developing stronger commercial strategies and the capability to deliver them.

We take a practical and collaborative approach, injecting the energy and commitment required to drive successful outcomes.

We work with some of the world’s biggest brand owners including Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Samsung and L’Oréal. We also partner with local brands on a market-by-market basis.

Our point of view

Quantic has proved that commercial growth only happens when people from all the relevant parts of an organisation connect and align around one clear strategy, underpinned by a clear understanding of the growth drivers.

Research shows that the main reason why many companies don’t achieve their growth targets is because on average only 16% of the organisation is clear on the strategy and their role in delivering it.

It’s this point of view that provides the bedrock for all the work we do.

Why clients choose to work with Quantic 

Deep knowledge and expertise

Our consultants have held senior management positions in a wide range of industries, successfully driving growth and building capability.  We have first-hand experience of the challenges that modern brand-owners face.

Practical and relevant solutions

We know that theory doesn’t unlock growth. We are practical people who know what a relevant and realistic solution looks like.  We create practical solutions and usable tools that help on the job and create lasting impact.

An international point of view

Every year, we work across 6 continents for some of the world’s biggest brand-owners. This experience gives us a truly global perspective on how major organisations think and work and the challenges they face in a hyper-connected, yet disconnected world.

Immersed in our clients’ culture

Every organisation is different and we see every kind. Clients regularly feed back that Quantic succeeds because we take the time to really understand how their organisation ticks. The biggest compliment is when our clients’ staff think our people are employees of the same organisation.

We’re on it – real world connected

It’s our job to be fully connected to today’s reality – the shifting trends, shopping habits and market moves that define the world we’re operating in.

Enjoyable to work with

Often expertise comes with a big attitude. Quantic’s client feedback tells us that our clients value our helpfulness, humility and above all personal commitment.

Clients & Work

We’re proud to help some of the world’s biggest and best companies grow.

Core expertise

We create commercial strategies built on growth drivers, that unlock demand by connecting clients to consumers, shoppers and customers.

We equip commercial functions with the relevant skills, behaviours and emotional maturity to successfully execute strategy.


Categories we work in

Quantic actively help clients unlock growth drivers in the following categories:

Beers, Wines & Spirits Frozen Foods
Breakfast Cereals Fresh Produce
Baby Nutrition Health & Beauty
Coffee Medical Nutrition
Confectionery Performance Nutrition
Consumer Electronics Personal Care
Consumer Health Pet Food
Dairy Power Tools
Domestic and Professional Hygiene Soft Drinks
Fragrance Waters



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