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Kanso is a team of marketing effectiveness consultants, with specialist expertise in econometric modelling & scenario planning.

Working with many leading brands, we help our clients answer very specific questions relating to the performance of advertising, marketing, and promotions, while empowering them with the tools to explore the potential of new strategies and the insight to optimise forthcoming campaigns.

We use econometric modelling as our main tool to help clients understand their marketing effectiveness. Using historic data from multiple sources, we gain an understanding into how their marketing activities have impacted their sales.  This allows us to provide insight to optimise marketing planning, to obtain the strongest return on investment, and to advise on strategies including advertising, pricing, and promotions - and much more.  


How we can help you:

Understand overall marketing effectiveness and the true impact of each activity

Using econometric techniques we take into consideration all of the factors that influence consumers and build a holistic view of the overall effectiveness of your marketing, analysing every component of each activity and layering up the picture to help you see which activities are actually responsible for creating desire, generating response and sales

Isolate and understand the impact of external influences including seasonality, market trends & competitor activities

Consumers are influenced by a variety of factors; it’s important to have an awareness of these and take them into consideration when calculating the true impact of your marketing investment. Our approach builds everything in to make sure you’re not distorting, or even undervaluing, the impact of each activity.

Identify which marketing activities perform well and explain why some seem to outperform others

It’s inevitable that some marketing activities will perform better than others. Using the latest modelling techniques, we can dissect each activity and show you exactly how effective each component has been giving you all the information you’ll need to plan a more impactful campaign.

Unite sales and marketing for a global view and see the impact across all brands group-wide

Specific marketing activities often generate a positive impact across the wider business. We can help you quantify this halo effect in order to help justify budgets. And, at a group level, we can show you which brands and which regions would make most effective use of your marketing investments.

Confidently fine tune marketing activities to maximise impact and improve ROI

ROI is the measure for marketing effectiveness and is at the core of everything we do. Accurately calculating ROI will tell you exactly which activities have performed well, which haven’t and why, giving you the necessary insight to optimise future campaigns. On average, our projects improve ROI by 10-20%. Better performing budgets can make cash available to invest in new ideas, keeping your marketing relevant as the world changes.

Use scenarios to explore marketing strategies and explain why some seem to outperform others

We’d like to show you how to apply econometrics in a forward-looking way, using scenario planning to review the effectiveness of planned activities and forecast the potential impact of marketing strategies. Scenario planning is a powerful tool and will give you far greater control and confidence when working towards targets.

For more information on the services that Kanso provides please see the links to our website below, or e-mail with any questions you may have.  We look forward to hearing from you.



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