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Vertical Leap

Vertical Leap, 41 Old Street, London, EC1V 9HX

6 Boathouse, College Road, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth, PO1 3LR

London 020 7127 4336 Portsmouth 023 9283 0281

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Effective search marketing results achieved by intelligent algorithms and smart people.

Vertical Leap offers the most effective and thorough search marketing service in the UK (and probably anywhere), helping companies to maximise their visibility online.  For over 15 years, we have been leading the way in search marketing, pioneering innovative techniques that keep our customers ahead of their competitors. Our customers range from SMEs to enterprise-level, including the likes of P&O Cruises, Cunard, Premiership Rugby, Ordnance Survey and Arqiva.

We achieve effective results by combining intelligent algorithms with smart people. We have our own prescriptive marketing platform called Apollo Insights that collates all 3rd party data sources and uses highly-intelligent algorithms to tell you what’s happening with your website, why it’s happening and exactly what to do about it. This liberates our search marketing experts from time-consuming, manual analysis and enables them to focus purely on marketing your business.

This means that your marketing budget is spent being proactive which in turn gets you effective results. You also have peace of mind that you’re getting the most thorough and efficient search marketing service in the industry.

We are part of the Sideshow group and have over 50 employees (100 in the group) with offices in Portsmouth, London and Bournemouth. We are a RAR top 100 agency and a Premier Google Partner.

The services we offer include:


  • We grow your organic visibility in search results through a process we call Fix, Boost, Fill. We fix what is broken, boost what needs pushing and fill where the clear gaps in your content.   Meanwhile, Apollo Insights continuously programmatically identifies threats and opportunities in your search marketing campaigns.


  • Our team of pay per click (PPC) specialists only focus on PPC. All of them are AdWords qualified, because AdWords is the major product in PPC, but they also manage PPC in a number of other areas. Your ad budget is spent wisely across AdWords, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Display Network and even, if you wish, Instagram. Where you can pay for a click, we can help you get a great return on your investment.


  • When we say we do design, we’re not talking just about art. Good design is about form as well as function. We work to improve the performance of your website landing pages, or improve the whole user experience on your site, across multiple devices. Again, data is the foundation on which all design decisions are made. We design for user behaviour.

Content Marketing

  • With the marketing intelligence provided by Apollo and the insights provided by our specialist experts, you are in a position to understand what content you need to create in order to connect with your target customers. We employ a team of journalists and designers to produce well researched and professionally written content of all types, in order to inform, educate and entertain your target audience at each stage of the sales funnel.

Social Media

  • Social media marketing is not just about follower counts, numbers of posts or Lolcats memes. Whether you want to promote content, run a competition, provide customer service or just build a list of influencers, social media marketing is all about building a community. We’re good at doing that and we’ll show you how it works.

Social Media Advertising

  • With regular changes enforced by the social media platforms regarding what is displayed in news feeds, the only guaranteed way to connect with your social audience is via paid social advertising. Social PPC is evolving at an incredible pace, presenting huge opportunities for brands to connect with their target audience at a very granular level. It is now an integral part of any social media strategy.

We're transparent. No smoke and mirrors

We work with you collaboratively. With a full understanding of your business and your target audience, we give you the expertise, insight and marketing intelligence you need to make sound decisions about your marketing. Not only do you gain access to Apollo Insights, but you can also follow our progress updates live. Not to mention we provide regular snapshots and interactive reports.

Take advantage of our agile approach

Our process is simple and effective. When you join us for any service, your campaign delivery manager will initially carry out the most immediate tasks before then getting to work on a strategy for your service delivery. This strategy lays out the things we recommend for you and the order of work. From there, we routinely plan each month’s work and review that work on a cyclical basis, using the data insight to inform each step. The strategy can then be adjusted according to changes in data or circumstance.








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