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Welcome to QES - A leading provider of electronic data management and communications solutions

QES is a specialist developer of web based and offline apps, supporting secure digital data solutions to a diverse range of public and private sector clients. Operating in its present form since 2003, we have built a strong reputation for flexibility, innovation and reliability across a range of areas of work.

For over 10 years QES has been successfully delivering fully hosted, supported and maintained enterprise level applications.

The majority of QES solutions are web based, supporting Multi Agency working with excellent access and flexibility to deliver solutions that are not only 100% fit for purpose but also future proofed too. As more and more public services are delivered via multiple agencies there is a growing need to use the information gathered in a smart, secure and cost-efficient way.

The company supports in excess of 250,000 users across Local Authority, NHS and Police organisations, providing all support from our UK headquarters.

Services are delivered by a range of approaches including SaaS Commercial off the Shelf (CotS) products, as well as bespoke development and or configurable localisations.

A sample of QES clients include:

  • Kent County Council
  • Greater Manchester Police
  • London Borough of Islington
  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council
  • Birmingham City Council
  • Manchester City Council
  • Oxfordshire County Council

Examples of QES SOLUTIONS 

Holistix Population Health (HPH)  

  • Holistix Population Health is a tried and tested IT system for the aggregation of patient data from multiple health and social care data sets. The tool creates an amalgamated, single data view, through which care providers and commissioners can improve both clinical and financial outcomes for their patients via evidence based business cases. Read more


  • Designed by Kent Safeguarding Children Board to modernise and increase efficiency of the Child Death Overview Panels recording and reporting processes. Built by QES eCDOP is available as an off the shelf solution to support the CDOP function and legislated Department of Education (soon to be Health) reporting. Read more

Data Hub 

  • The QES team have been providing mass data warehouse and matching tools to the public sector since 2009. The applications have evolved over time and are accessed securely via the web and user friendly. Mass data can be either automatically gathered or simply uploaded, along with a data matching suite of tools and a robust Ad Hoc reporting creation service. Read more


  • Organisations looking to target services where they are most needed and intervene as early as possible to reduce costs. This secure online portal allows users, with the appropriate security roles, to set threshold profiles which automatically generate ‘perspective’ views. Read more


  • This solution provides a secure online repository where Multi Agency practitioners log in to search for a comprehensive Golden View of a person and/ or their family. Read more

Claim Hub 

  • Troubled Family Claim Portal. Phase 2 of the Troubled Families program brings with it an increased amount of families to be worked with and more complex, locally generated criteria to set and then track. Read more

Data Quality Portal 

  • Improving data quality held within individual team source IT systems is a constant target, using the Data Quality Portal helps achieve high quality and complete data which saves practitioner time, aids communication and helps to improve outcomes for citizens. Read more


  • Designed to support and encourage safe planning of educational visits. OEAP worked with QES in designing eVisit and drew upon their wealth of knowledge and experience, resulting in a tool which is simple and intuitive. The system follows and is directly linked to National Guidance offering users added support when planning visits. Read more

Holistix Dynamic 

  • This is a ‘system’ used to rapidly develop data base applications from scratch in a matter of hours. It allows our clients to have an agile adaptable platform supporting rapid change as processes and data capture requirements change over time. Read more

Help - Holistix Suite 

  • Holistix is a secure, multi-agency accessible platform. Used extensively within the Public Sector, Holistix is designed to support interventions with families, while considering all we know (a holistic view) of each individual person. Read more

Bespoke Solutions 

  • All QES products originated from bespoke solutions, clients coming to us with requirements that were not necessarily available ‘off the shelf’.  Read more




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