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Welcome to TetraLogical

TetraLogical is a company with inclusion at its heart. Our focus is on emerging and existing technologies, customer experience, and research and development, combined with traditional consultancy.

Every member of our team has more than 20 years’ experience in the technology industry, and we have been involved in accessibility since its beginning in 1999. We are members of the W3C where we contribute to key web standards, but we recognise that inclusion is not just about code, standards, and compliance. It's about people, analysis, and separating what people really need from what we think they need.

We also know there are common themes, but that every organisation, every team, and every project is different.

That's why we take the time to understand your organisation, your project, and your goals, so we can put together services that are tailored to suit you.

Our Principles

We put people first: you, your customers, our partners and employees. TetraLogical is founded upon four principles that mean we are:

• Inclusive: We consider everyone, and make decisions that exclude no-one.

• Efficient: We work effectively, and deliver quality solutions with a minimum of wastage.

• Ethical: We make decisions for the good of our clients and their customers, our employees, and for the world at large.

• Safe: We respect privacy, and manage all data securely.

What we do

• Knowledge: In depth accessibility training for digital teams; one on one mentoring; and ongoing helpdesk support.

• Strategy: Embedding self-sustaining accessibility within teams and organisations; facilitating policy, procurement, and process changes; and creation of inclusive design systems and associated documentation.

• Research and Development: Usability testing and prototyping with both existing and emerging technologies; inclusive voice assistant apps; and using Virtual/Augmented Reality (XR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), biometrics and more.

• Customer Experience: Making sure engagement channels across organisations are consistent and inclusive; experience assessments across channels (phone, in-person, print, web, and mobile); inclusive brand guidance and support.

• Legal Counsel: Expert advice for law firms and in-house legal teams handling digital accessibility cases; technical assessment and advice for prosecution and defence cases; and expert witness service.

Contact us

We like to listen. If you have a project, product, problem or idea talk to us at

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