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Compliant Defect Management and Maintenance Planning made Simple

Paperless Fleet Compliance

Every Fleet is different & SmartCheck can cover them all. Remove the need for paper when it comes to all aspects of vehicle defect management and maintenance planning. 

Driver App

Online Portal

DVSA & FORS Compliant

Maintenance Planner

Customised Reports


How it Works

Have all the information you need at your fingertips.

For the Driver

Back in the Office

Available on Android and Apple Devices, our simple to use SmartCheck app allows drivers and operatives to record Pre-Shift Checks, immediately report any defects identified, as well as any that occur during their shift

Review, update and close defects as they are reported by SmartCheck. Enjoy an extensive DVSA compliant feature list, including full audit reports and alerts for any missing pre-shift reports

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Maintenance Planning in one Place

SmartCheck's Maintenance Planner cover all bases:

  • Easy to use
  • Includes all the features a fleet manager needs
  • Has the flexibility to include plant and specialised maintenance events
  • Meets DVSA demands to Earned Recognition standards

Our maintenance planner was developed with input from our customers, allowing us to build a planner that meets the needs of fleets across a range of sectors and industries.

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Providing a Number 1 Service

We don't charge a penny to get you set up & ongoing support is included in your subscription.

Set Up
Our busy customers want to be up and running with SmartCheck as soon as possible and with minimum fuss.  We make this happen for you by preloading your driver and asset lists to your account and providing SmartCheck templates “ready to go”.  Once the SmartCheck app is registered with your drivers, you will start to receive reports and defect notifications immediately.

One to one live demonstration available to show you SmartCheck's features. Chat to one of our team directly, answering all of your questions and understand if SmartCheck is the right fit for your business.

Live demonstrations can be booked at a time to suit you.

Our customers are our highest priority! This is the mantra that we work to and our support service is aligned accordingly.

Your SmartCheck subscription includes this service.  We're here to help with check template changes, if and when needed, as well as app and portal support guidance. Our aim is to grow with you, so you'll be assured of the very best support.

Learn All About the Benefits that SmartCheck Offers

Fully Tailored Solution 

It's not all about compliance. SmartCheck can be applied to just about any asset condition inspection or risk assessment requirement, with extended features in place to suit. Plant Operatives, Auditors, Mechanics and Supervisors all benefit from bespoke templates with associated reports.

Reduce Defects – Reduce Costs

Any good paperless solution will guarantee cost savings in paper, printing, distribution, collection, filing, retrieval, plus associated admin and management time.  SmartCheck delivers this but customers also see a reduction of defects over time and reduced repair costs.  How?  Minor defects are identified and rectified before they develop in major repair events.

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The SmartCheck App

The Webview Portal

Use the SmartCheck App for Daily walkaround checks, incident reporting, risk assessments & much more.


Check your fleet compliance from just about anywhere. Have all the information you need at a click of a button. 



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Your Industry

SmartCheck has proven many times that it can stand up to DVSA or FORS on-site fleet compliance audits, for defect reporting and defect management. At the same time, our SmartCheck app will ensure that your drivers remain compliant if stopped at a roadside spot-check.

Our SmartCheck customer base varies across many different sectors and we can personalise your SmartCheck set up to fit your specific needs.

Vans & LGV's

Wide range of checks available, including pre-shift, weekly, damage and driver handover reports

SmartCheck provides DVSA recommended van checks plus any operational checks you may wish to add, such as PPE, temperature reading, etc. Our van fleet customers tend to prefer brief daily checks but with more comprehensive checks once a week.  What ever your preference, we'll deliver the combination to suit your fleet.

HGV Haulage

DVSA approved compliance plus own customised checks, from curtainsider straps to refrigerated trailer temperature checks.

SmartCheck’s Pre-shift checks and in shift defect reporting, ensures all defects that occur across your fleet are reported to a single portal, for review and follow up action.

You’ll know who has completed their report and who has not! We know that no two hauliers are identical. Include your own operational checks, at no extra cost to add further efficiencies and save money.

Construction & Plant

Plant Pre-use checks, Risk Assessments or Equipment Safety Checks - SmartCheck can cover it all.

SmartCheck doesn't only provide vehicle checks but also Health and Safety Executive (HSE), plant machinery and work equipment inspection checks. Specific checks can be set daily, weekly or monthly in line with the equipment you have and the checks you wish to complete.

Let us know the checks you want to apply for your equipment and SmartCheck will make this happen.

Buses, Coaches, Taxis

Compliant & Customised Check to suit your business operations.

SmartCheck ensures all PCV related DVSA requirements for pre-shift checks are all available in one place. We can also add additional operational checks which may be important to your customer e.g. cleanliness, Wi-Fi etc. 

SmartCheck is flexible enough to provide a complete defect reporting and management solution for any combination of passenger carrying vehicle in your fleet. Visual inspections can also be processed through SmartCheck.

Other Sectors

SmartCheck provides reporting for a wide range of industries.

SmartCheck's capabilities can be applied to just about any industry to support any reporting needs. 

The team at SmartCheck will take time to understand your requirement. If we don't already have a template to fit your needs we'll build a customised one for you. 

Contact us to find out how SmartCheck can be applied to your business.



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