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IMA Screen Ltd   

Unit 5, Plot

7F Claymore



B77 5DQ                                                                             

Tel: 01827 288746  



IMA specialise in custom made front and rear projection screens that are the perfect backdrop for conferences and live events, designing and manufacturing tailor made conference sets and staging for any event. Which is why with our dedication to providing the highest quality products, specially engineered to ensure exceptional colour, illumination and contrast, Event organisers around the world have chosen IMA. 

With over 25 years industry experience, building over five years of success and proudly working alongside IMA fabrics, we can offer a greater range of services. And as we grow, we will stay true to the qualities and values that attracted and retained our customers, who have been key to our success as we add more to the IMA family. 

We are committed to offering the highest standards of customer service, achieving 100% customer satisfaction every time. By investing in the development of all of our employees, as we believe that they are our most valuable assets. Combined with innovation, which is at heart of our business, we constantly strive to improve our products to be more effective for clients. Ensuring that we always produce work of the highest quality.

We are extremely proud of everything that we have achieved thus far, and are passionate about continuing to improve our company and our products, our clients can approach us with any idea and we will endeavour to make it work; the only limit is their imagination.

Our Expertise

We are very proud of all our work and our expertise, we specialize in projection screens, sets, stages and fabrics as well as custom builds and graphics.

Front and Rear projection Screens: 
We pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture screens of the highest quality, and are continuously developing new and innovative flat and three-dimensional shapes and forms for all kinds of advanced projection techniques.

We have years of experience of building sets for many prestigious clients, and truly believe that the best way of making our client’s vision a reality is by fully understanding our clients needs and budget.

We can supply event organisers with simple to use modular staging solutions that help create catwalks, podiums and stages for many different kinds of events. Alternatively, we can work with our clients to create something a little more complex to meet their specific requirements.

Graphics and graphic panels:
Our graphic panels can be used as not only part of the backdrop of an event, but also as part of shop window or floor displays and our graphics are available in many materials to suit your needs in any size, big and small. 

Custom Build
With our skilled team and workshops we have the ability to design and manufacture tailor made conference sets and staging for any size event, any location. Clients can approach us with any idea and we will endeavour to make it work; the only limit is their imagination.


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