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Printroom Soho

112-114 Wardour Street, Soho, London, W1F 0TS

T: 020 7287 2341 E: W:

Welcome to the 24 hour print bureau in the heart of the West End. Open all day and open all night Monday to Friday. We are even here on Saturdays until 4pm for anything that may have overspilled from the week.


  • Full colour digital printing
  • Full colour lithographic
  • High volume black and white copying
  • High volume black and white printing
  • Mounting and encapsulation
  • Posters, display boards and pull up banners
  • Binding, creasing, folding, perforating and booklet making



Lithography originally used an image drawn with oil, fat, or wax onto the surface of a smooth, level lithographic limestone plate. The stone was treated with a mixture of acid and gum arabic, etching the portions of the stone which were not protected by the grease-based image. When the stone was subsequently moistened, these etched areas retained water; an oil-based ink could then be applied and would be repelled by the water, sticking only to the original drawing. The ink would finally be transferred to a blank paper sheet, producing a printed page. This traditional technique is still used in some fine art printmaking applications.

In modern lithography, the image is made of a polymer coating applied to a flexible aluminum plate. The image can be printed directly from the plate (the orientation of the image is reversed), or it can be offset, by transferring the image onto a flexible sheet (rubber) for printing and publication


Our On Demand Digital Print service is ideal for those last minute, must have situations. Whether it is business cards for a short notice meeting, proposals/presentations for a board meeting or large format posters for a conference or an exhibition WE MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Even if your artwork isn’t ready until late in the day DON’T PANIC because we work round the clock day and night! So your print will be ready early the next morning or even the same night.

Window Graphics

Everyone running a business knows how important it is to stand out in the marketplace. If you have windows, you have the best FREE form of advertising there is! Whether it be a cafe, bar, restaurant, retail or services take advantage of this space. We carry a wide variety of different products for supply only or supply and install for interior and exterior applications.

  • one way vision
  • adhesive vinyl
  • re-positional wallpaper
  • floor graphics

Large Format Printing

Want to draw attention to your promotion on your building, or at a sporting event? You can’t beat Outdoor Banners. With a 3 year UV and water resistant durability they are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. These banners include the traditional eyelets for easy hanging.

Make your window work harder for you! If you are a bar, restaurant or retail shop you can create super impact graphics for your windows. We can produce clear adhesive, mesh or adhesive white vinyl. Most substrates can be applied inside or outside, are weatherproof and UV resistant for 2 to 3 years.

We can supply only or supply and fit according to your requirements.


However you want your print finished we’ve got it covered!

Folding & Creasing: Z folds, gate folds, perforated tear off slips, folded greeting cards – it’s all here and lots. lots more.

Encapsulation: This process creates a sealed plastic wallet around your originals making them waterproof so it is ideal for lanyards, menus and posters – in fact anything that may come in contact with moisture.

Dry Mounting: If you need the printed material adhered to a choice of substrates including 2000 micron card and 5mm foambaord – GREAT – WE DO THAT TOO! Ideal for conferences, presentations and exhibitions.

Books & Booklets: Wire binding is a popular commercial book binding method where the pages are hole punched down one edge, a “c” shaped spine is inserted and squeezed until it becomes round and closed. Documents that are wire bound will open completely flat on a desk and can be rotated a full 360 degrees. Our high end booklet maker can collate your printed pages crease them, fold them and double stitch them into a professional brochure. Perfect for programmes, pamphlets, catalogues and wedding invites.


As a Company, we strongly believe in our social responsibility to the environment. To demonstrate our active commitment to this, we ensure all our suppliers have a Renewable Resources Policy. Furthermore our paper suppliers must adhere to strict guidelines as set out by the Forest Stewardship Council.

We recycle 100% of our cardboard and paper waste, 100% of our metal and glass waste and 100% of our plastic waste via Convert Waste Management.

We actively reduce our carbon footprint by switching off all unused VDU's, personal computers, printers and lights.

We carefully consider power usage, standby usage and auto shut down times when purchasing any new equipment


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