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We provide tyre recycling solutions.


Big Atom is a clean-tech recycling company with a vision to end polymer waste. We are creating a circular economy for tyres and plastics.

Our mission is turning waste tyres and plastics back into raw materials. We're designing technology that improves recycling processes and creates new lives for tyres.


THINKING BIG by shifting perceptions of waste into resources.

LEAVING A LEGACY by growing the next generation Circular Economy. 

KEEPING IT SIMPLE by focusing on scalability over complexity.

The power of WORKING TOGETHER as one team is essential.


Tyre Recycling

Your tyre recycling solution in the North West and North Wales.

100% Recycled. Fully Licensed.

Car & Van Tyres

  • Car Tyres
  • Van Tyres
  • 4x4 Tyres 
  • LCV Tyres​

Commercial Tyres

  • Truck Tyres
  • HGV Tyres
  • Bus Tyres
  • Trailer Tyres

​Specialised Tyres

  • Motorcycle Tyres
  • Karting Tyres
  • Caravan Tyres
  • ATV Tyres




We offer a wide range of recovered rubber granule products at competitive prices. 

All our rubber granules are PAS107 compliant.


Tyre Textile Fibres mixed with approx. 25% of fine rubber particles recovered from the recycling process. 

The fibre-rubber mix is a great fuel source but can also be used to enhance construction material properties or as a stabilisation filler for equestrian surfacing.


Our steel wire is extracted from waste tyres. We provide tyre wire at two levels of rubber content as well as steel beads from commercial tyres.

Available: Bagged (1 tonne), loose or bailed.

We will also accept a RoRo container agreement.




Big Atom are building a future without rubber waste, no landfills and cleaner oceans.

Our pyrolysis technology has the potential to save 2.7 tonnes of CO2 emissions for every tonne of rubber processed. In April 2021, we processed our 1,000,000th tyre, helping to contribute to UK government’s Net Zero 2050 target.

We're in collaboration with the UK’s Department for Transport to develop incentives for refineries to start using raw materials derived from waste. As a member of the Renewable Transport Fuel Association, we're leading the drive to increase the UK’s domestic biofuel supply.


Modern recycling techniques are ineffective because they produce low grade materials, which are difficult to reuse. Eventually, these materials are no longer useful and must be disposed. We call this a linear economy with slightly prolonged life. 

By chemically recycling polymers, all recycled materials are like new and can be recycled continuously. Chemical recycling creates an opportunity to unlock the Circular Economy.


BIG ATOM contributes to the Circular Economy by regenerating tyres that have reached the end of their usable life.

Our mechanical processing plant separates the tyres into rubber & steel products. Our chemical recycling technology further turns rubber into petrochemicals, ready for new polymer manufacturing.


BIG ATOM is developing a new chemical reactor technology which will significantly improve the energy efficiency, cost and yields of valuable products from our chemical recycling operations. 

The technology will convert old waste tyres into new synthetic rubber.  



Our first facility in Ellesmere Port was opened in 2018 and is licensed to process up to 25,000 tonnes of waste tyres a year, which is 4% of the UK’s waste tyre supply.

In 2020, we upgraded our processing line to enable the production of higher quality rubber and steel products . We continue to improve our machinery to meet the highest industry standards for recovered rubber and steel products.

Mechanical processing is a crucial step to prepare the feedstock for chemical recycling. 

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