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Welcome to iP24 - Unrivalled Security Solutions

iP24 operate across the UK working closely with manufacturers and suppliers to deliver unrivalled security solutions. We have extensive industry experience in the design, installation and maintenance of CCTV, Access Control, Perimeter Detection and IP solutions using the very latest technologies including the cloud. We offer comprehensive bespoke solutions tailor-made to suit individual customer requirements.
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Reliable CCTV systems providing seamless integration between cameras and contol stations via a wireless or IP network.

Infra-red LED technologies can be implemented to ensure clear high-definition images are captured even in the most testing light conditions. All CCTV systems can operate with built-in analytics software, further enhancing the recording capabilities.


Powerful access control systems which are perfect for businesses who need to limit access to certain buildings or areas.

Our systems utilise bi-metric technologies as well as card technologies for effective control of premises, gates, pedestrian turnstiles and vehicle barriers. A flexible and convenient way to monitor security from basic one-door control to fully-networked IP multi-site systems via a central server, local PC or the cloud.


Robust integrated systems designed to suit the location. Our systems effectively detect and report a perimeter breach in your first line of defense.

The perimeter of any site is the first and most vulnerable line of defense, but with our advanced perimeter detection technology, the alarm is instantly raised in the event of an attack on your property. All systems can be linked to a CCTV installation to provide early warning of intrusion. 


Superior high-definition ANPR cameras developed for basic access control systems through to fixed site applications with multi-lane coverage.

The cameras have built-in smart vehicle recognition, reducing the onsite footprint compared to the traditional ANPR installation. They integrate into the CloudPass Vehicle Managment System and have an impressive read success rate of 98%.


Market-leading remote surveillance solutions using the latest VPN technology and secure high-speed mobile networks.

All remote transmission systems can transmit surveillance displays directly to mobile smartphones and tablets as well as providing the remote operation of cameras, doors, gates, lights, alarms and even full broadcast audio.


Sophisticated intruder alarm applications designed to meet the demanding needs of industrial and commercial businesses.

System complexity can range from standard "bells only" alarms to alarm systems with secure dual path signalling to our alarm receiving centre. All intruder alarm installations meet the latest British and European safety regulations.


Industry-leading fire alarm and LifeSafety systems providing early and reliable fire detection.

IP24 design, install and maintain a wide range of fire detection and alarm systems for small rental units to large commercial properties. All system installations meet the latest British safety standards, ensuring ultimate protection of lives, business assets and properties.




We work with you to develop a detailed system design strategy

to meet security requirements including comprehensive system schematics, site drawings and wiring schedules.


System pre-build and assembly takes place prior to on-site installation.

Rigorous testing is carried out to guarantee optimum performance. Customers are invited to our workshop to witness-test their system pre-build.


Turnkey installation is carried out by fully-qualified engineers to the highest industry standard and in accordance with the IEE regulations.

Installation is overseen by a dedicated project manager.


Your dedicated project manager will work with you for the full end-to-end process from initial sale to final training.

They will ensure that security system installations are performed within project scope and specification to the highest of standards, on-time and within budget.




Our innovative RemServ software monitors technological performance 24/7

ensuring that all our security systems are 100% operational at all times. Problems are identified and reported immediately, resulting in a quick and efficient fix.

THERMALERT24: which offers accurate Intruder detection with a range of up to 250m and can also be used for both internal and external critical temperature monitoring.

CLOUD24: which is a Cloud based ANPR multi-site management solution and can incorporate Time and Attendance and Visitor Management. 


A dedicated team of engineers are on-hand to deal with system maintenance and repairs as well as analyse faults and trends.

All maintenance plans include our state-of-the-art RemServ health-check system and are all linked to our secure maintenance portal.


Our professional and friendly team of advisors offer technical support to iP24 customers Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm.

Via telephone support, we can recognise system issues and diagnose faults from a very early stage.



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