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WorldWide – the Language of Government

51 Castle Street, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP13 6RN

Tel: 08000 305 306 Email: Web:


We are the government-preferred Managed Service Provider for translation and interpreting. Offering the combined experience of over 2 centuries of the very best linguistic and cultural support, for the entire spectrum of the public sector. We offer a route to market through all the key contracting/framework vehicles in the UK, including the Crown Commercial Service (CCS – RM1092), the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), the London Procurement Programme (LPP), NHS Shared Business Services (SBS), HealthTrust Europe (HTE), LGSS and INTRAN, as well as the Eire Office of Government Procurement (OGP) in the Republic of Ireland.

  • EXPERIENCE: A combined 200 years’ experience delivering the best language support to the public sector
  • TRANSLATION: 214,000,000 words translated every year
  • FACE TO FACE: 40,000 hours of face to face interpreting completed every week
  • VIDEO INTERPRETING: 17 remote interpreting sessions every day
  • TELEPHONE INTERPRETING: 9,000 minutes of telephone interpreting every week
  • SIGN LANGUAGE (BSL): 27,156 British Sign Language assignments undertaken every year

Our Senior Team

We have brought together a unique blend of public sector interpreting and translation providers who are able to offer best in class solutions for even the most complex Contracting Authority requirements. Individually we champion the quality of our specific service lines and market segments, ensuring that each public-sector client receives a tailor-made service that provides an exemplary user experience with exceptional value for money. Read more 



  • Written Translation: For all written translation and transcription needs, we provide a streamlined solution for even the most complex projects, from single documents to complete websites. Our technology supports the most cost-effective translation solutions for any file format, with experienced mother-tongue translators ensuring the highest-quality terminology and tone of voice. Whatever your sector, organisation or role, we tailor our services to deliver the results that matter to you.
  • Spoken Language Interpreting: All our linguists working for the public sector are UK-based and vetted by the Disclosure and Barring Service, and extensively experienced in specific domains such as Criminal Justice, Social Care and Mental Health. We cover national and international Government business, ensuring compliance to H.M. Government Baseline Personnel Security Standard and CTC and List-X security requirements, and at 40,000 hours of interpreting every single week, we represent the single largest and most diverse source of supply in this field.
  • Telephone Interpreting: The reality is that there are only a handful of fully-fledged Telephone Interpreting services in the UK; the rest are white-label (resold) services of often American-based organisations. WorldWide believes that this damages our economy, takes away from our communities, and adds risk to quality, cost, transparency, reliability and data protection. WorldWide has built its own entire service, based on the best tech knowhow in the industry, and incorporating a wide range of options to suit different organisations and users. One shoe does not fit all. Our service offers local interpreters, of the highest quality, and providing the best value for money.
  • Sign Language Interpreting (non-spoken services): Representing the UK’s leading and largest British Sign Language (BSL) interpreting provision, our service and portfolio of products has been consistently developed to meet the needs of our customers. All of our sensory impairment services promote equal access and inclusion, and that’s the value that drives our business. If you are an employer or business who has an equality agenda for deaf or disadvantaged people, we can offer the very best tailor-made services, solutions and reasonable adjustments for all.
  • Video Interpreting: WorldWide operates the UK's first and only proprietary full-function video platform: our platform is a world-leader, delivering Video Interpreting to any situation and environment, with almost no deployment and implementation requirements, and supported with fully qualified linguists and real-time detailed call information. Our platform currently leads the online-interpreting market not just here in the UK, but also in Europe and the Middle East. This is one of the reasons that WorldWide is the only choice.


The WorldWide consortium represents a collaboration of service providers that are best-in-class, infused with the unique influence of a Local Authority leading from within on transparency and governance. No other organisation can offer such an intimate understanding of public sector requirements within language services. Our financial strength and suitability guarantees organisational dependability, our ISO certifications are the only full-suite offering available, and our breadth and depth of experience is unparalleled.

Through a well-bonded collaborative working arrangement, these separate organisations work collaboratively together, under a single command structure, to ensure that you receive a single seamless service regardless of the specialisms that are working on your behalf behind the scenes. We are unified in our purpose of exemplary user experience, exceptional value for money, and outstanding supply-demand partnerships.

  • The Language Shop: The Language Shop has for 25 years been a service providing department of Newham Council. Setting a firm belief in collaboration, from the outset, they work with clients to build a service that works for their unique circumstances. The Language Shop pioneers change, creating public sector partnerships that defy budget cuts. With a public sector background and private sector outlook, they combine a commitment to equality of access with the drive and creativity to find best value for our clients. In uncertain financial climates, we find you the right service at the right price.
  • Cintra: Cintra comes from a third-sector background, and has 20 enviable years of working in close productive partnership with some of the best known Local Authority and Criminal Justice departments. Cintra is owned by its members and run for their benefit, not for profit. Their services are shaped by members’ needs, and revenues are reinvested in improving the services that offer. All our members benefit from sharing up-to-date sector knowledge with their fellow members, which they can use to discover best practice and benchmark performance. Cintra’s main differentiation is their extensive Continued Professional Development tools and programme, the benchmark for which is used across the rest of the marketplace.
  • translate plus: translate plus is one of the 50 biggest translation companies in the world, offering a full range of services, including translation, website localisation, multilingual SEO, translation management software, interpreting, desktop publishing, transcription and voiceover. With Corporate Social Responsibility at the heart of what they do, translate plus provide comprehensive solutions, tailoring responses depending on clients’ objectives, language requirements and technologies. From initial conversations through to final delivery, they work in partnership every step of the way to provide innovative solutions and ensure easy and effective communication in any language and any medium.
  • Clarion: Clarion’s heritage began properly 14 years ago, driven by an ambition to improve equal access and interpreting services. The organisation holds two aims: to improve the quality of interpreting provision for Deaf people and to improve the skill level of interpreters. With a passion and commitment to deliver great services at the core of everything they do, the company has gone from strength to strength with a stunning track record in working with major international, national and local organisations, legal domains such as courts, probation services and at police stations and have supplied the Tribunals Service since their inception.
  • WorldWide Language Resources: WorldWide Language Resources is a diverse language services company formed by principals and associates having extensive international and government experience operating on every continent. WorldWide’s scope includes the needs of government, military and defence agencies as well as academia and private industry. Integrity & professionalism are their core values; language support is their core competency. WorldWide specialises in custom-designed programmes to meet the specific demands of each Authority.


WorldWide provide comprehensive language services to public bodies and the third sector throughout the UK.

Below are some of the core sectors for which we have optimised processes and technology in place. If your organisation doesn’t fall into one of these categories, don’t hesitate to contact us, as we pride ourselves on being able to provide a fully tailored solution for any public-sector or third-sector organisation.

  • NHS: From the translation of general patient correspondence to cutting-edge video interpreting technology, WorldWide provide interpreting and translation services to trusts across the NHS in England, as well as throughout NHS Scotland, NHS Wales (GIG Cymru) and HSC (Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland). Linguists have detailed experience of healthcare provision, understanding the needs and expectations of users – whether the general public or healthcare professionals – and we ensure that the appropriate DBS clearance level is in place for interpreters where required.
  • Central Government: Departments like HMRC and the DWP can access high-quality language services on demand, whether it is for centralised services like telephone interpreting for inbound and outbound call centres, or regional provision of face-to-face interpreters to offices or Jobcentre Plus branches across the UK. For departments and agencies with large numbers of users and teams, we enable the secure web-based submission of translation and interpreting requests and can provide detailed status and management information, both real-time and historically, to enable finance and management teams to understand usage across their organisations.
  • Local Government: Local authorities across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland need to provide access to services and information for over 200 languages, in spoken, written and signed form. We translate appointment letters, information leaflets, websites and identity papers, and can provide foreign-language and sign-language interpreters on site anywhere in the country. Something which makes the WorldWide consortium unique is that one of its board members represents the UK’s most diverse local authority, the London Borough of Newham, with unrivalled knowledge of the language needs of local government.
  • Social care: The provision of language services for social care often involves highly sensitive scenarios, where confidentiality, DBS clearance, cultural awareness, and prevention of conflict-of-interest issues mean that WorldWide’s highly flexible approach excels. With interpreters specifically trained for social care scenarios, and an on-demand 24/7 service, we ensure that language is no barrier when it comes to valuing users and adhering to legal obligations.
  • Criminal Justice: Across police services and the justice system throughout the UK, confidentiality is absolutely key – whether it is the transcription of interviews under caution, the provision of interpreters around the clock, or translation of documents in preparation for trial, information must be kept secure at all times. With end-to-end encryption supported by our translation management system and video interpreting platforms, clear contractual non-disclosure provisions in place, and appropriately security-cleared linguists, our ISO and Cyber Essentials-accredited services are perfectly optimised.
  • MOD, Foreign and Commonwealth, and the Defence sector: Interpreting for defence organisations is a highly specialised aspect of WorldWide’s services. We provide security-cleared interpreters, cultural advisors and language trainers to locations throughout the UK, as well as for field and combat operations across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. This includes support for intelligence, reconstruction and humanitarian efforts, as well as simultaneous interpreting for conference and large-scale events.





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