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About Us

Delivering research, engagement and consultation services.

Enventure Research is a market research agency that has been providing research services to public sector and professional bodies since 2003. We work with a range of public sector clients including local authorities, public health, NHS organisations, visitor attractions, town councils, emergency services, professional membership organisations and universities to support their research, engagement and consultation needs.

Enventure Research utilises both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to help its clients achieve their aims and answer their research questions. We have experience in conducting research with a wide variety of audiences, from the general public and hard to reach groups to health care professionals.

Typical projects Enventure Research delivers include:

·         Scoping and evaluation research for social marketing campaign interventions

·         Consultation with residents

·         Customer, resident and tenant satisfaction surveys

·         Membership surveys

·         Visitor attraction research

·         Online research

As a Market Research Society Company Partner and with an accredited ISO 9001 Quality Management System in place, we are committed to working to processes that provide a quality service and assurance that our research abides by the Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct and GDPR.

We are based in West Yorkshire and deliver projects throughout the UK with a personal and passionate approach.



Quantitative Research

Qualitative Research

Quantitative research involves the collection of data in a structured way, usually in the form of a questionnaire, in order to produce statistically reliable and robust research findings in the form of facts, figures and statistics.

Quantitative research questions usually focus on questions like who, what, where and when (rather than why or how which are more likely used in qualitative research) and can cover almost anything in terms of peoples’ opinions, attitudes and experiences.

In order to achieve reliable results, quantitative research is usually conducted with large sample sizes to ensure that they are statistically robust and representative of the target audience or population. Enventure Research has experience of conducting quantitative research with samples ranging from 50 to 50,000 and above.

Quantitative research is typically reported on using easy-to-understand tables, charts and graphs and using various statistical tests to analyse the data for patterns and differences or similarities between sub-groups.

Enventure Research has a wealth of experience in conducting quantitative research via a wide range of quantitative methodologies, including:

Face to face surveys

Doorstep surveys

Telephone surveys

Postal surveys

Online surveys

Online research communities

 Qualitative research explores not only what people think, but why they think it, delving into the attitudes of research participants in much greater depth. It goes beyond percentages, statistics, tables and charts and aims to engage with people in a way that elicits deeper and more meaningful responses. Qualitative research answers the ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions which often quantitative research cannot provide.

Qualitative methodologies, such as focus groups and in-depth interviews, are generally conducted with smaller sample sizes when compared to quantitative approaches to research. For example, standard focus groups are typically attended by eight to 10 participants, and a qualitative research project many involve four focus groups in total. Qualitative research focuses less on the number of responses and more about the detail of responses.

When reporting on qualitative research, Enventure Research’s reports explore patterns and themes in the feedback collected in order to create an analysis framework. Anonymised portraits and case studies of participants may be used as examples, along with verbatim quotations to provide evidence of certain areas of feedback.

Enventure Research is able to provide a range of qualitative research methodologies

In-depth Interviews

Focus Groups


Online Focus Groups

Mutual Understanding/Conflict Groups


Additional Services



Delivering into existing data and intelligence to find out what is already known

Working together to explore issues, bring research findings to life and decide action points



Over the years, Enventure Research has delivered research, consultation and engagement projects on a vast number of topics for various public sector clients.

This has allowed us to build up a wealth of experience, particularly in certain areas, which we have developed into specialist areas.

Find out what Enventure Research can offer your organisation.










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