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Chromatics Glass Limited

10/11 Charterhouse Square
London,  EC1M 6EH

Westminster Business Centre
York, YO26 6RB

T: +44 (0)1904 439187
M:+44 (0) 771 902196



About Chromatics

Chromatics Safety Glass (Chromatics) consists of a unique, colour coating that is durable and opaque and when applied to annealed glass and bonded to aluminium results in a laminate that is the world’s first optically flat, shatterproof, thermally safe and impact resistant safety glass that can be cut, edge worked and drilled after processing.

Chromatics, over time, has proved to be a safe and aesthetic material for use in a wide range of both interior and external applications, ranging from washrooms to curtain walling and rainscreen cladding, particularly now that the process has achieved A2* fire certification (August 2018).

Chromatics safety glass is produced on a modern, fully automated plant built by Klöpper Maschinentechnik of Dortmund, renowned manufacturers, for over 50 years, of glass manufacturing equipment.

Chromatics Glass Ltd. continues to develop and test refinements to the products and their end use in new applications and markets where the combination of colour, glass and resilience provides an elegant and innovative offering. 

* Full rating is A2, s1, d0. This equates to little or no contribution to combustion or spread of flame (A); a laminate or composite material (2); little or no smoke production (s1); no burning or molten droplet formation (d0).




Chromatics is available in any colour and/or digital print. One Chromatics stock sheet reaches multiple markets and applications where safety, aesthetics and versatility are key.

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Developed for both exterior and interior use. Chromatics is ideal for spandrels, IGUs, DGUs and curtain walling. It has also forged a new market for glass products in frameless rainscreen and ventilated facade systems for cladding new or refurbished buildings. Using either structural adhesives or a modified invisible hooked system.

In addition, being completely smooth, non-porous and easy to clean, Chromatics is a hygienic and practical material for a wide range of interior uses; screens, washrooms, kitchens, furniture, display units, etc. Chromatics also withstands vibration and flexing so can be used in escalators, lift cars, ships and trains.

The ability to print both images and text (as fine as 2pt) on Chromatics makes it ideal for high resolution corporate branding, signage, point of sale and advertising.

The Chromatics process can be applied to many glasses and mirrors such as clear float, low iron, solar reflective, body tinted, self-cleaning, rolled patterned, fire resistant and many reflective glass substrates transforming them all into BSEN certified safety glass.

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Any Colour, Image or Mirror

High Quality Finish

Cuttable and Stockable

Environmentally Considerate

Shatterproof and Impact Resistant

Thermally Safe

Fire Bomb Resistant


Security Panels


Curtain Walling

Invisible Fix

Trim, Frame and Traditional Fixings

Partitions, Balustrades and Feature Walls

Chromatics as a Component

Signage and Wayfinding


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