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Welcome to Wireless Intelligent Networking Ltd

WIN Wireless is an independent and experienced Value-Added Reseller, and Wireless Consultant delivering professional, high data rate wireless connectivity solutions. If you’re looking to improve network connectivity between networks and buildings, no matter how remote – we are here to design and provide the right solution for you.


  • Rapid Deployment The rapid deployment of a well-designed network will reap many benefits for the users in any dynamic organisation. Adding flexibility to high speed connection in your office
  • Fast Services Wireless services can now deliver 1Gbps to multiple users across your entire workplace. High speed enables faster delivery of information and services to your customers and staff.
  • High Security Current wireless technology uses the highest standards of encrypted Network Security available to protect your clients, users, staff and IT department


We deliver high speed wireless networking solutions to provide connectivity to central data, Internet services and wireless metropolitan networks.


When planning the deployment of a wireless solution, WIN will select from among many technologies available.

  • WIRELESS LAN Wirelessly connecting people to their data, e-mails, and the internet is a large part of our business. Over time the technology used to deliver wireless networking has changed substantially.  Call upon our expertise to guide you through current capabilities.
  • POINT TO POINT Building to Building connectivity - Key benefits to a wireless point to point solution – High availability, rapid deployment, cost effective, low latency, high performance, encrypted security, up to 10Gbps full duplex throughput.
  • MULTI-POINT The term Point to Multi-Point refers to the need to extend a network from one location to several remote locations creating a multi-site Network. Point-to-multi-point connectivity can be achieved across a campus, City or even County.
  • MICROWAVE  A licensed microwave radio connection from WIN is used for primary backbone links between locations where high availability of the connection is required. Data rates are available up to 10Gbps.
  • LASER LINKS Free Space Optical Laser link (FSO Laser Links) Point to Point connections from WIN are used as an alternative to renting expensive leased lines or digging and laying fibre between buildings.


As a wireless network specialist, our aim is to work closely with our customers to fulfil their networking needs using our wealth of technical expertise to design, install, commission and maintain cost effective and highly functional wireless networks. Working with customers in healthcare, local government, enterprise, education, and SME’s we devise innovative wireless solutions for voice, video and data. Each WIN solution reflects our commitment to quality, performance and cost effectiveness.

  • EDUCATION Schools, colleges and universities across the country have discovered that high-speed wireless networking solutions from WIN are helping students to learn without breaking budgets.
  • LOCAL GOVERNMENT Local Authorities across the country have already discovered that voice and data wireless networking solutions from WIN are helping them improve public services and meet challenging budget requirements.
  • HEALTHCARE Connecting for Health recognises that Healthcare providers can improve patient care if they are able to share information about the patient between all the carers involved. Wireless network solutions from WIN are helping to modernise patient care and health services.
  • ENTERPRISE In an increasingly competitive and global market, enterprises are facing new challenges daily. With increasing pressure on pricing, delivery, customer service and quality, wireless networking from WIN is helping to automate processes and procedures throughout the organisation.
  • SME’S Small and Medium enterprises typically have limited IT resource available and can rely on WIN Wireless to deploy a centrally managed wireless LAN, and Infrastructure to match your budget.
  • MANUFACTURING With a wide range of industrial grade mobile computing, scanners, and hand-held devices available, WIN Wireless is working closely to deliver reliable Warehousing systems for stock management, auditing and efficient workflow.





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