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The Sterling Data Group Limited

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Welcome to The Sterling Data Group Limited - Total Data Management Solutions

The Sterling Data Group is a leading provider of a comprehensive range of Managed &  Outsourced Data, Records & Information Management Solutions and Consultancy Services. Key Products & Services include:

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Secure Shreding 





Managing Records & Information while ensuring uninterrupted access is a key business challenge commonly known as Records Management & Storage. While compliance issues may bring Records Management to the attention of business managers, it should be seen as a by product of a system designed to improve business processes.

The Sterling Data Group leads the way in Records Management. With over 30 year’s experience, Sterling has embraced technology driven solutions enabling our clients to meet their document management, archive and compliance objectives. Through the use of technology, we are able to provide our clients with unrivalled service levels and a portfolio of products and services designed in a way to allow flexibility, thus meeting the needs of the client as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach.

Technology, in the form of powerful database systems and the integration of Electronic Records Management into our portfolio, allows our clients to achieve highly accurate, high speed retrieval of archive material in any format, from hard copy paperwork through to scanned and digital data. We can combine the records into one hosted solution accessible online, adding scanned images from paper archives on demand, negating the need (and therefore the cost) of scanning all records. Our clients benefit from our experience when it comes to designing record retention policies, procedures for archiving, management and storage of archive records while also benefiting from the technology employed by Sterling to deliver these products and services.

Document / Records Management Services:

  • Document & Record Archive Management
  • Policy & Procedure Consultation
  • Staff Training
  • Scan-On-Demand
  • High Volume Document Scanning Services
  • Flat Pack Archive Box Supply
  • Secure Destruction
  • Further Group products include
  • Backup Media Management
  • Online Backup & Recovery


Established in 1975, Sterling is one of the longest established nationwide providers of Document Scanning Services in the UK. Operating from our secure facilities we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you with document scanning / management projects of any size or scope. We employ the latest scanning technology enabling us to scan, index, process, deliver and/or host millions of documents and images per month. Working with customers the length and breadth of the UK, we will collect your documents for scanning and offer a boxing up service where required.

After scanning we can help by returning your original documents, securely destroying them or storing them for you in our secure archive facilities. All data is returned to the customer either on FIPS Certified encrypted USB’s, transferred over SFTP or can be hosted within our high security cloud platform, threecrypt. Our document scanning services range from the one off digitisation of documents through regular conversion and turnkey management solutions enabling the automation of business processes. Regardless of the nature of the requirement we have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver service to meet your needs in the most efficient manner.

Document Scanning Services:

  • Back Scanning Projects
  • Ongoing Scanning Projects (e.g. case files, applications etc.)
  • High Volume Forms Scanning & Data Capture;
  • Electronic Mail Room & Return Mail Management;
  • Invoice Processing, Data Capture & Workflow;
  • Deed & Lease Scanning inc. Plans & Drawings;
  • Case File Scanning, Processing & Workflow;
  • Financial Agreement Scanning;
  • Book, Microfilm, Fiche, X-Ray and unusual item Scanning;
  • Data Returned to Customer or Hosted in High Security Cloud;
  • Secure Archiving & Shredding Available.


Local, Cloud & In-Transit Encryption that YOU control.

With a heightened interest in privacy and security, threecrypt differs from other sync/share/collaborate solutions by putting you in control of your information. threecrypt users set and manage the encryption keys used to protect their data, preventing access by anyone else, including threecrypt employees. threecrypt’s groundbreaking security measures extend to the threecrypt virtual disk on your devices which is also encrypted protecting data in the event of loss or theft. Data in transit is protected using the latest SSL V3.0 & TSL V3.0.

  • threecrypt – compliant cloud sync & share: threecrypt is a secure cloud storage, synchronisation and collaboration service, providing secure, access to information from anywhere. The threecrypt desktop/laptop (tablet/mobile coming later) application creates a ‘Virtual Disk’ on each of the user’s computers which are synchronised to the threecrypt servers, making the content available across each of the user’s computers. Users can also access their data via a web browser. threecrypt has been designed from the ground up to ensure compliance with EU Data Protection Legislation.
  • threecrypt delivers: out of the box fast, secure and data protection compliant tools for data storage, synchronisation and collaboration. Using the latest encryption technology to provide industry leading protection for three distinct vulnerabilities, threecrypt leads the market in terms of security, satisfying IT Departments while simultaneously providing users with the tools they need to work together in a virtual workspace.
  • threecrypt for: any organisation wishing to embrace the convenience of cloud services without the concerns of security and compliance issues associated with the majority of alternative services. threecrypt delivers powerful collaboration tools to your workforce including rigorous version control, access rules and secure sharing with customers & suppliers.
  • threecrypt because: the risks to organisations due to a data breach, whether it be personal information or intellectual property is ever increasing and the consequences of such breaches have growing costs in terms of fines, reputational damage and customer churn. threecrypt ensures that your information is not only secure in the cloud but also on the growing number of user devices. Finally, threecrypt provides centralised user management with full audit tools.



We know how stressful needing Data Recovery services can be, we’ll do our best to minimise the stress and get your data back as soon as possible. Our team of experienced Data Recovery experts will work efficiently to ensure that if the data is recoverable, it will be recovered in the most cost effective manner minimising your expense and any downtime. Whether you are a Home User or a Multinational Company we apply the same level of professionalism to your Data Recovery Case allowing you to relax safe in the knowledge that everything that can be done to recover your data will be done.

With years of experience and investment in the latest technology, Sterling has excellent Data Recovery success rates from all media types, from SD Cards and USB Flash drives, through SSD (Solid State Disks), Internal & External HDD’s (Hard Disk Drives) RAID, Servers and Virtual Machines.




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